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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Emailed Letter to President Bruininks in Support of Myers

A supporter of PZ Myers posts his letter to Robert Bruininks on Myers blog:


Dear Mr. Bruininks:

While I am aware that many will find P.Z. Myers' proposal to desecrate a Eucharist wafer shocking and offensive, I think that the people least entitled to outrage--much less threats of violence and demands for censorship of Dr. Myers--are those who worship the wafer as the transubstantiated flesh of Jesus. The "Judeo-Christian tradition" has a long history of desecrating and destroying the sacred sites and relics of other religions, going back to before there was a "Christian" to add after the hyphen. The Hebrew Bible is replete with instructions to destroy the transubstantiated statues ("idols") that embodied the deities of other religions, murder their clergy and burn their bodies on their own altars. Bill Donahue's church has sanctioned the destruction of incalculable amounts of priceless religious artwork belonging to other faiths, destruction of their temples and the construction of Catholic churches atop the ruins. The Roman Catholic Church destroyed nearly all of the books of the pre-Columbian civilizations, defaced the majestic temples of the Egyptians, and destroyed much of the religious, scientific, and philosophical inheritance of the Greco-Roman world. They made a saint out of the man who murdered the last Librarian of Alexandria and burned down the Library itself.

In comparison, P.Z. Myers has proposed the public desecration of a cracker that can be bought in bulk for a pittance, a "crime" for which he has been threatened with physical attack, in addition to an organized campaign to deprive him of his economic livelihood. A Eucharist wafer is not a priceless work of art or literature. It is "special" only because of a magic spell cast upon it by a Catholic priest.

P.Z. Myers has become an internationally known, prominent spokesman for science and critical thought in the same league with Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. In addition to defending science against the onslaught of creationism, alternative "medicine" and other superstitions, Professor Myers also provides fascinating informative content, such as explanations of syenteny, the groundbreaking research of Dr. Lenski on evolution in E. Coli, and regular explorations into the mystery and wonder of cephalopods. Any university in the world could be proud to count P.Z. Myers as a member of its faculty.

In this current controversy, P.Z. Myers has had the courage to take a stand against forces of intolerance continuing their own tradition of using violence against those who disagree with them. In this case, Professor Myers is publicly standing up to defend an otherwise voiceless student who simply kept something that was freely given to him in the first place. You can know that if any force of organized ignorance were ever to threaten your University, that you can count on Professor Myers to have the physical courage to put his own person on the line in defense of reason and free inquiry. That alone ought to stand as a shining example of excellence in a member of your faculty.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

(Real name, address, and phone number)