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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Up and Coming Michele Bachmann: Judy Lindsay

It looks like she is running as a stealth candidate by the look of her website. It mentions this:

My extensive knowledge of the education system and persistent efforts to reduce wasteful spending earned me a headline in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, "Parent, politician a solo voice."

I looked up the article - and it mentions Judy Lindsay's history advocating for creationism. I think this will hurt her in this district. It was notable that many republican legislators in the Western and Southern suburbs and exurbs were voting against creationism, while legislators in the 6th District voted for it. For example, both Eric Paulsen and Laura Brod voted against creationism this year.

Judy Lindsay describes herself and her positions as conservative. She
opposes the Profile of Learning, the state's menu of skills students have to demonstrate before they graduate from high school. She recently questioned District 196's method of teaching evolution, saying it needs to stress that evolution is a theory and balance it with information about creationism. And she's made a choice that separates her from her fellow board members, one that voters have heard about around election time: The Lindsays send their three children to private schools.

"I don't have to worry about our values being undermined" at a private school, Judy Lindsay said recently. That includes her concerns about how evolution is taught and the Profile of Learning. When parents see that the public schools are "so into environmentalism and a multicultural, politically correct social agenda, they want out," she said. "I think that has caused a lot of people to pull their kids out."

At board meetings, her views regularly lead to controversy and heated exchanges.

I ran into Judy Lindsay when she testified in favor of deleting gays from the human rights act. At that time she claimed homosexuality caused manic depression.

It's notable that Lloydletta's Nooz posts show up before Judy Lindsay's website on a google search on Judy Lindsay.