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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Al Franken's Lit Pieces Being Left Out of Lit Drops in CD 6

Blue Man in a Red District:

Al host’s [sic] an event in St. Cloud for vets and only one person shows up. I guess sd15 and 14 really came through for him. It must be Barkley’s fault. Door knocks are being held all over the 6th for Tinklenberg and Al is left off the lit drops and voter id questions. Blame Barkley. Do you see a lot of house candidates tying themselves to Franken? Name one up here in the 6th. But of course you know all of this. It will be nice to have Dean to blame after this election.

During the 2006 race, many DFL volunteers quietly removed Hatch lit pieces from their lit drops.

A number of my liberal friends are very unenthusiastic about Al Franken. I have talked to a number of die hard democrats who plan to leave the Senate portion of the ballot blank.