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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chris Kumpula's Account of the SD 16 Convention

He is not happy with the Senate Republican Caucus.

The folks who came to the SD16 Endorsing Convention were chosen by their neighbors to represent their neighbors’ desires and concerns at the convention. They came to decide on who would be the better candidate to run for the vacant seat in SD16- a choice between the inexperienced Alison Krueger and the experienced Mark Olson. After Krueger spoke to the convention in her allotted time and addressed question in a Q&A, many delegates saw little substance to back her sharp teeth. In contrast, Olson reminded delegates of his successful career as a conservative member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Heidi, his wife, was there on stage with him endorsing his run saying to “vote for Mark because he’s cute,” adding a hearty peck on the cheek. The empty remarks of Krueger paled in comparison to Olson’s fresh ideas. In the end, Mark Olson won the endorsement on the second ballot with a strong 2 to 1 victory. The people decided to give Olson a second chance to run as the most conservative, qualified candidate to take Betsy Wergin’s vacant seat.

Sharp teeth?

A commenter takes a shot at Norm Coleman:

To Norm...

"Consider hd16b a 'foreign' area that you don't know the language of; "conservativism". Please bud out of who we choose to be our elected MN Senator. Lest this foreign land decide warmed over democrats have no place representing us in the US Senate and actively work against your re-election.
Did you hear the boos at the State Convention when your nomination was 'foisted' upon us 'underlings'? Did you notice how the crowd suddenly 'thinned'? The number sitting rather then standing? Those were the real conservatives leaving the area as they are tired of you talking conservative and acting liberal! Many of them where from the HD16b caucaus and the displeasure with RINOs like you and the MNGOP is rising and the numbers are growing!

Have a nice day!

Drill HERE, Drill NOW - including your beloved ANWR!"