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Friday, August 08, 2008

DeGrio Calls for Bold, New Energy Plan

David Joseph DeGrio, Independence Party candidate for state legislature in Northeast Minneapolis has developed a vision to provide for the future energy needs of all Minnesotans while eliminating much of the demand for coal-fire electrical production. DeGrio said, “home and business owners desire to equip their properties with energy saving technology, but are shackled by the upfront costs. The ruling parties no longer look for new ideas and common sense solutions to solve the energy needs of today and tomorrow.”

DeGrio, a chemist and college professor who has been active in politics for several years, proposes the “Enviromomic Growth Act.” Here is how the plan would work:

1) Homeowners, small businesses, and family farmers would be provided with access to capital costs of up to $15,000 to install geothermal heating/cooling, solar electric hot water, or other conservation technologies in their respective properties.

2) The fund would be self-sustaining. By relying on property tax assessments to recover the costs for each loan, residents would pay back the money they borrow over a period of ten years.

3) Redirecting spending away from failed energy policies and corporate subsidies would initially provide money for the fund. Other funding sources are also being explored.

4) Homeowners’ energy savings will offset the payments, making this a big financial win for everyone. Household and small business costs would be lowered and industries such as HVAC, electricians and carpenters would benefit greatly. Moreover, homes that are more conservative in energy consumption have more value in our new economy.

The ruling parties present the solutions of yesterday and depend upon the same old answers, either market forces or raising taxes. DeGrio pointed out that “the market is failing to move at a pace equal to the demand of society and has not brought about new, affordable means of producing energy. Furthermore, raising taxes on producers merely leads to the cost being passed on to consumers.” DeGrio is committed to solving the problems of the future, rather than dwelling upon the failures of the past.

Disclaimer: I am Lloydletta contributor David Joseph DeGrio and I am a candidate for State House in Northeast Minneapolis (District 59A). The proprietor of this blog, Eva Young, has agreed to let me post press releases and commentary on the blog. In no way does this imply that Ms. Young endorses my stances or my campaign. All published campaign statements will contain this disclaimer. Please visit in the coming weeks to learn about my proposals.