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Monday, August 04, 2008

DeGrio Calls for Passage of Equality Legislation

Disclaimer: I am Lloydletta contributor David Joseph DeGrio and I am a candidate for State House in Northeast Minneapolis (District 59A). The proprietor of this blog, Eva Young, has agreed to let me post press releases and commentary on the blog. In no way does this imply that Ms. Young endorses my stances or my campaign. All published campaign statements will contain this disclaimer. Please visit in the coming weeks to learn about my proposal for a new energy policy in Minnesota.

-For Immediate Release-

David DeGrio, Independence Party candidate for State House District 59A, stands up for equality under the law and calls for the passage of legislation allowing any two consenting adults to engage in civil marriage.

David Joseph DeGrio, Independence Party candidate for state legislature in Northeast Minneapolis, called both DFL and Republican legislators to task for failing to take serious action on issues surrounding civil marriage. “For too many years those of us in the GLBT community have stood by hoping and waiting for a bold leader to emerge who would take a firm stand on our behalf, and reach out to change the minds of legislators and our fellow Minnesotans,” DeGrio said. In response to a question regarding the marriage equality bill that was introduced at the end of the 2008 session, De Grio stated, “Token legislation and symbolism do not help the people who are afected by this legalized discrimination on a day-to-day basis. It is time for real leadership.”

Acknowledging that there is some opposition to legislating civil equality, DeGrio recognized that it will take a coalition of Independents, Democrats, and Republicans to pass legislation that will be supported by a majority of Minnesotans. DeGrio has spent considerable time examining and contemplating this issue from both a progressive and conservative viewpoint. “There are concerns that need to be addressed before politicians on the right will jump on board, but some can be brought over. As we affirm our equality and expand our liberty, we must also reaffirm that the separation of church and state will protect religious liberty as well.” DeGrio said he is best able to bring both the left and the right together to move forward on this legislation. “Today, I make the commitment to do whatever it takes to pass this legislation. If necessary, I will go town-to-town across Minnesota to change one mind at a time.”

When asked why his commitment is more trustworthy than the other candidates, DeGrio said “Two reasons. First, I have as much to gain or lose as any other GLBT citizen and am willing to shed blood, sweat and tears on our behalf. Second, I will stand up to those legislators who have backed down for fear of losing the next election.”