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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Democratic Platform Removes References to Gays

Check out the story on Americablog.

Ambinder and Rausch say that the platform is still pro-gay, but that the latest draft they've seen has removed the word "gay" from pretty much the entire document. Assuming no group of Americans is mentioned in the document, and that includes men, women, minorities of any kind, the elderly, or any one else for that matter, then I have less of a problem with a document that doesn't get into the detailed naming of each and every group. But, if other groups are mentioned, and we're not, then that would be an obvious problem because it would send the message that the party thinks we have cooties. Again, we don't know what the final document will say, but hopefully the party understands that if we get treated as separate but equal, there's going to be a little civil war at the convention.

This is so typical of Democrats. You can see this in how Democratic candidate websites have made their appeals to gay voters invisible.