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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Larry Schumacher: Will Mark Olson Hurt Other GOP Candidates

Political Quarry:

6th Congressional District Republican Party Chairman Mark Swanson went on the Jason Lewis radio show over the weekend to say he supports Olson's bid. Lewis condemned unnamed "elitist party hacks including some bloggers" who he said were trying to undo the will of the local party delegates.

New Big Lake Republican blogger and Olson supporter Chris Kumpula posted scans of Krueger's signature on a pledge to "abide by the decision of the Republican Party Senate District 16 2008 Endorsing Convention" and to not run against the endorsed candidate if not chosen.

Meanwhile, DFL blogs are rejoicing at the discord and hoping Olson survives his Sept. 9 primary, imagining the campaign literature and ads that will go out tying Olson to other Republican candidates and officeholders.

Michele Bachmann needs to answer the question: Does she support the endorsed candidate in senate district 16: Mark Olson? She worked closely with Olson on a number of pieces of legislation. What about house candidates Mary Kiffmeyer and Sondra Erickson who will be on the ballot with Rep Mark Olson?