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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Mark Olson Soap Opera Continues

Heidi Olson's son commented again on Dump Mark Olson.

I would like to add that in this special District 16 Senate election, Alison Krueger was a weak candidate from the beginning. She has just been a puppet for a powerful group in District 16 that has future aspirations of a top position in MN. She has not once made up her own mind for herself and needs to be walked through everything by this group. Having to be advised to sign a non-compete and then waffling on it because she didn't realize what she was signing is not good character of a Senate Candidate. She comes across as a very whiny individual and does not know how to handle a loss. She complained about Mark's people showing up to the nominating convention and not her's. Work harder then next time. Where were your advisors on that one Alison??? We do not need a Candidate who is running only to help out someone else's future aspirations. Dinner at the Governor's Mansion would have been nice, right Alison?

That's a problem.

I saw my state senator, Linda Higgins at a Minneapolis Issues list party today. I asked her how she felt about the possibility of having Mark Olson join the Senate. She anticipates he will double the wasted time in the Senate.

Avidor also points to an interesting comment from Drew Emmer on MN Publius:

If said “elitists” truly wanted to control the outcome in SD16 they would have made their displeasure with Mark Olson’s candidacy known BEFORE the endorsing convention. To suggest that anyone should be precluded from having an opinion about the decision of the SD16 delegates runs counter to the Constitution.

The idea that Alison Krueger was chosen by a group of aggressive party elites is patently false. The only insider that influenced Alison was Senator Betsy Wergin when she asked Alison to run. I believe much of the SD16 displeasure with Betsy’s suggestion to run Alison was that Betsy didn’t clear it with the SD16 folks first. Considering Mark Olson supporters chilly regard for Senator Wergin it’s not hard to understand why she would make her suggestion independently.

The MNGOP had nothing to do with Alison Krueger’s candidacy. Ron Carey did show up and address the endorsing convention. But the state party organization did not recruit Alison nor did they promote her candidacy.

The best possible outcome for all of us would be if Mark Olson could clear his name legally and have the whole domestic flap removed from his record. Short of that, the left will use it against him evermore.

And everyone is welcome to their opinion.

It's not just the left. Michael Brodkorb, Norm Coleman and David Senjem spoke out more forcefully against Mark Olson than what I've seen from "the left." As I've said before, I believe Norm Coleman's statements have been motivated by self-interest.

Dump Mark Olson has had some great reporting on this topic. I encourage people to check the blog regularly.