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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Norm Coleman and Senate Caucus Speak Out on Mark Olson

The Strib has the story. From the comments:

Throwing stones.... avoiding the real issue - unconservative pretend Republicans
It's not about his assault conviction. None of us is guiltless. At least he didn't lie and make excuses. He worked things out and moved on. That takes more courage than you critics have who throw stones. No the Big R republican mobsters don't want Mark because he embarrasses them. He actually holds to a limited government understanding that matches the republican platform. It doesn't match the slimy politics that Big R republicans have stooped to in order win votes by abandoning their core values. The fact that fake conservative "getting things done with your tax dollars" Norm Coleman is weighing in against Mark is actually an endorsement of his true conservative stands on issues. It really cooks my grits when fake Republicans crucify one of the few men in their party who has the courage to say, "I was wrong," and stand up for true, small r, republican ideals. This is why so many conservatives are holding their noses when any republican party establishment is mentioned. If this trend continues, there will be no room in the "big tent" for a true conservatives and these vote-sucking phonies will realize they have lost their base - a new party will emerge that actually cares about limiting government, reducing taxes and supporting freedom and personal responsibility.

posted by hdsteare on Aug. 14, 08 at 9:56 PM |

Let the people decide
Voters should be making this kind of decision in a democracy not Norm Coleman and his buddies. If the voters think Olson is unfit to serve he will not be elected. Local citizens in that district should not have to answer to Norm Coleman. This just another of a continuing patttern of abuse by the Republican elite trying to dictate from their lofty perch what is best for Minnesotans.

posted by joeeeeee on Aug. 14, 08 at 10:03 PM |

Butt out
Why can't the local citizens choose their own representation? Hey Norm, stay in Washington or you might find out what a democracy is.

posted by Mjaystone on Aug. 14, 08 at 10:03 PM

Meanwhile, Norm Coleman continues to get bad press about his non-traditional living arrangement. This time, it turns out, there have been questions about utility bills.

Avidor has been following the Mark Olson story on Dump Mark Olson.


Avidor said...

The comments on that TPM Utility bill story are interesting