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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Republican Convention CEO Maria Cino Inclusive, While Democratic Convention CEO Leah Doughtry Is Anti-Gay

Maria Cino, the CEO of the Republican National Convention has always been an inclusive person. She was a voice within the Bush campaign encouraging the campaign to reach out to the gay community.

Contrast this with the odious Leah Doughtry, theocrat, and the CEO of the Democratic National Convention. Leah Doughtry has been the cause of a discrimination lawsuit against the DNC. Now they are offering to settle for 100K, but the plaintiff is going to court. Doughtry sent her lawyers out to try to intimidate the Washington Blade:

AND WHAT HAPPENS when a gay person dares to criticize a Democrat for failing to keep promises and honor commitments? I got a taste of the Democratic wrath last month, after criticizing DNC Chair Howard Dean and his chief of staff, Leah Daughtry in an editorial.

In the piece, I wrote that the DNC’s response to anti-gay remarks made by Gen. Peter Pace, President Bush’s former chair of the Joint Chiefs, was insufficient and weak.

In response, Daughtry sent two lawyers to the Blade’s offices to berate me and our publisher, Lynne Brown. The meeting was beyond contentious and featured lots of red-faced cursing and threatening of lawsuits. They claimed to represent Daughtry and not the DNC. But DNC officials have gloated behind the scenes that since the confrontation in the Blade’s offices, the paper has stopped writing about a gay man’s lawsuit against the party, his former employer. Donald Hitchcock accuses the DNC of firing him after his partner, Paul Yandura, publicly urged gay donors to think twice before giving money to the Democratic Party.

Of course, to suggest that the Blade would abandon a story because a couple of angry lawyers made a scene in the lobby constitutes wishful thinking. One thing every journalist learns early on is that when people start yelling and making threats, that means you’re onto something.

One source told the Blade this week that in Dean’s deposition in the case, he denounced the Blade as “the Fox News of gay journalism.”

This is what happens to gay people who challenge Democrats to be better on our issues. Dean and others at the DNC have derided the Blade as right-wing birdcage liner. Both criticisms are absurd; no fair-minded person could reasonably consider the Blade a conservative publication and judging by the innumerable references to the Blade in the Hitchcock case depositions, DNC officials spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about what we write. They may line their birdcages with our pages, but not until they’ve read them cover to cover.

If the Blade is the Fox News of gay journalism, then Howard Dean is the Gomer Pyle of politicians — a national laughingstock whose amateurish stewardship of the party puts the prospect of a Democratic victory in November in doubt when it ought to be a slam-dunk.

From bigots in Oklahoma and cowards in Maryland to hypocrites in New York and petty hacks in D.C., this nation’s politicians prove again and again just how out of touch they are with the people they are supposed to represent.

I wish we had a publication with Washington Blade quality in the Twin Cities. Instead, we are left with Lavender Magazine.