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Saturday, August 09, 2008

SD 16 Republicans Endorse Mark Olson

AP via Strib.

St Cloud Times has a more detailed story:

Olson won the endorsement against Big Lake Republican activist Alison Krueger on the second ballot.

“My message was a message of experience, and a history of doing things in the House (of Representatives) that hit a roadblock in the Senate,” Olson said Friday. “There’s a need for strong voices in the Senate minority, and I think I can provide that.”

Olson, who was convicted last summer on domestic assault charges, was permanently expelled from the House Republican Caucus by fellow Republican lawmakers following the conviction.

He lost Republican endorsement this spring to be re-elected to his House District 16B seat. Former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, a friend of Krueger’s, won that endorsement.

Krueger’s name will be on a Sept. 9 primary.

Both candidates signed a pledge before the endorsement balloting, though Olson said it was to abide by the endorsement and Krueger called it a pledge not to actively campaign.

“The people who liked Mark showed up,” she said. “If people in the district don’t like what happened, that can still change at the primary.”

Olson said his reversal of fortune was due to having time to campaign for this endorsement. The endorsing convention for his House seat took place during the legislative session.

From the comments:

Mythinking wrote:

Unbelievable !!!!!! What is up with people ?? the party kicked him out
Why dont people want a person with some sense of what is right and wrong in a political positioin.

Maybe new canidates for office need to act out and be abusers and have temper tantrums and throw type writters at their workers to get an indorcment.

I will never u nderstand the thinking of some people I guess
8/9/2008 7:10:30 AM

GreenPen17 wrote:

Why won't you allow him to re-enter society?
He has re-entered society, CommonPerson. In fact, he never left it (being incarcerated). But IMHO, he is unfit for public office. I believe elected public officials should be held to the highest standards while in office. I care less about what they do as private citizens.

For the record, I'm a conservative -- an honest-to-goodness traditional conservative (fiscal responsibility, low taxes, limited role for federal government, states' rights ...). But I have no tolerance for bad behavior on the part of any elected official -- regardless of political affiliation.

I also have distaste for those who want to make careers of public office -- particularly at state and local levels -- and those so self-absorbed that they can't let go. It is a sad commentary when somone feels his/her only self worth is based on a perception of poltical "power."

8/9/2008 11:25:15 AM

It also appeared that Olson's opponent stopped by and commented:

Ladylibertas wrote:

I am compelled to respond. I DO NOT endorse Abuse of any kind. I have on many occassions assisted women in abusive relationships even taking them to shelters where they and their children are protected. I signed the "non compete" clause under duress because of an ill advised estabishment member. Too many assumed the outcome would be different. If you don't like the delegates choice then show up at the primary and change it. Krueger will be on the Primary ballot. Like the delegates, this time around, you have an opportunity to-let-your-voice-be-heard. The delegates promote freedom of thought and speech and say all views will be respected because they resent establishment telling them what to do. Jesse Helms said "compomise be damned." America allows you to vote, if you don't vote than you are compromising. Despite potentially twisted commentaries, I must state - you still have choice - that's not campaigning it's fact which can be yelled from the roof tops.
8/9/2008 12:51:12 PM

GreenPen17 wrote:

I signed the "non compete" clause under duress because of an ill advised estabishment member.
If you want to be a leader, you don't yield to "duress." You certainly listen to the advice of others, but ultimately you must make your own decision about what you believe to be in the best public interest.

Too many assumed the outcome would be different.

And we all know the old saying about "assume." It would seem that common sense would raise the possibility that -- with the small numbers who attend a party caucus or district convention -- it wouldn't take many for "the other side" to pack the results.

8/9/2008 1:09:18 PM

The Minnesota State Party is obligated to support the endorsed candidates. It will be interesting to see what they do about Olson.