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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why Did Norm Coleman Weigh In on Mark Olson?

This commenter nails it:

Coleman seems to be playing politics again
What does any of this have to do with Norm "The Accidental Senator" Coleman? This is not a federal issue, there were no federal crimes involved. So why is Sen. Huge Teeth sticking his nose in? Because he wants to score political points, especially with women voters. I can see him now, the light shining off his huge veneers, hairplugs standing tall: "I support the struggle against domestic violence. Recall, I led the charge against wife beater Mark Olson. My opponent is the exact opposite, choosing to write smut and joke about rape. Vote for me, I will protect your daughters from violence." What a joke. Stormin' Norman never misses a chance to score political points, even when it means tossing a duly-nominated fellow party member at the state level under the bus.

posted by johnnyonspot on Aug. 14, 08 at 11:34 PM |

Norm Coleman is also trying to change the subject from his extreme position on abortion. He not only believes abortion should be criminal and he also has opposed funding for family planning. He also opposes embryonic stem cell research. Coleman's position on social issues is well known to the Republican base. The Coleman campaign downplays this when campaigning to the general public.