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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Army Corps Earmark in San Diego: “The Sand Bridge to Nowhere” to Benefit McCain Beachfront Condos

by Serge Dedina

The Army Corps of Engineers has planned a $70 million dollar beach dredge and fill project for Imperial Beach, California, located south of the beachfront condos owned by John McCain in Coronado. The project is a classic bipartisan pork barrel earmark opposed by local residents.

The irony is that the sand that will come from a sewage outfall pipe next to the Mexican border (the water from the pipe does not meet federal clean water standards) will eventually end up protecting the two beachfront condos owned by Senator McCain in Coronado, one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. So while he rails against pork, his property will be protected by a lot of toxic bacon. Sand deposited in Imperial Beach drifts north to Coronado as a result of litoral drift. McCAin will benefit from monies that won’t be going to shore up levies in New Orleans or help clean up toxic water pollution on our beaches—the most polluted in North America.

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