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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain Panics on the Debate

Senator McCain issued a sanctimonius statement re: the stalled bailout plan that is struggling for Congressional buy-in. He is suspending his campaign, and requested that his staff pursue postponing the first debate, scheduled for Friday evening.

Senator Obama and the sponsoring debate commission have responded, and there are no plans to postpone or otherwise change the Friday night plans. We'll see if the old guy shows up.

The House Republican caucus is reportedly having a meltdown over this bailout scheme, as well they should. I might actually agree with them this time (write it down).

What's interesting to me is that Senator McCain has made infrequent appearances in the Senate during the past six months, even after he had secured the delegates needed for the nomination. The voters have Arizona have been represented by an empty chair for a long time (and the same can be said for Illinois and New York, to some degree).

It's also interesting that when asked whether he would vote for the bailout package (as it was understood at a point in time), McCain has declined to answer the question, or responded that how he might vote wasn't relevant. What kind of leadership does that represent? He should not be accepting the paycheck for the Senate seat, if that's what he really believes.

The timing is very suspect - his poll numbers have started to drop, he made some well-publicized gaffes in the past two weeks, and it is common knowledge that the economy is not his strong suit.

I heard part of Senator Obama's press conference in response to the McCain statement, and he said that now more than ever, the voters should hear from the people who will inherit this debacle in a few months. Here here.

Stay tuned for the continuing drama.