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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Krueger Defeats Olson

Ken Avidor and Michael Brodkorb will be happy. He can retire the Dump Mark Olson blog. There's some disagreement about whether Krueger was "actively campaigning" or not. I've contacted Chris Kumpula to verify that the lit piece was mailed to people before the primary.


Markh said...

Krueger sounds like a winner...

Here's an excerpt from her profile on the Star Tribune website (and I believe these are the candidate's own words...)

when asked about the #1 issue:

Energy - Minnesota as a state cannot afford to be absent from the fight for energy independence. As a Legislator I would not invest in anything that could not stand alone. Many ideas take money from the taxpayers with out a positive economical or societal return. I am currently working with others to find avenues for our country to drill here - drill now. It seems as though most of our obstacles to energy independence are largely political and idealogical in nature. We need to become independent for the well being of our culture.

The MN Senate has no business worrying about the 'drill here, drill now' mantra. Get over it.

Avidor said...

I'm not putting DMO in mothballs yet... Olson's supporters are talking about a write-in campaign.

Olson's legislative assistant Ryan Flugaur dropped the F-Bomb on Brodkorb in the MDE comments today.

Olson and his supporters won't give up easily.

Olson is a big fan of Davy Crockett (it's on his campaign website)... and Davy Crockett went down fighting at the Alamo.

With a split GOP vote, DFL-endorded Lisa Fobbe could win.