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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mark Olson v Alison Krueger Race Heats Up, Sherburne County Coleman for Senate Chair Resigns In Protest of Coleman's Non-support of Olson

Avidor from Dump Mark Olson is following some of the debate in the Sherburne Tribune. Phil Herwig from Milaca wrote a LTE supporting Krueger. According to Olson supporter, Chris Kumpula, Herwig was also the person who came to a SD 16 meeting to urge SD 16 board members to overturn the convention endorsement:

The BPOU Executive Committee of SD16 had just finished preparations for their August 19th meeting and had just begun when they were visited by someone who was to many a complete stranger. Phil Herwig, a conservative Republican with a well-regarded reputation for organizing and winning grassroots campaigns, joined the meeting. After a clear explanation of who he was and what he did, his remarks surprised the committee. Herwig conveyed that he thought the SD16 Endorsing Convention was a shameful embarrassment and fatal mistake for the MNGOP. His tone was respectful and sincere, but was loud enough to eventually get the BPOU committee removed from their meeting place on account of the disruption.

In the course of the heated yet civil exchange, it became clear that something once suspected is indeed a reality. It is now clear beyond any doubt that there is an underground machine operating to work against the MNGOP endorsed candidate, Mark Olson. Herwig mentioned in the exchange that this machine had “big donors” and “literature ready to go.” He believed that the result of the SD16 Endorsing Convention would mean a political “gorilla war” on the grassroots level in a fight amongst Republicans for the SD16 primary.

Herwig’s crowning moment was when he demanded that the BPOU leadership of SD16 overrule the decision of delegates and throw out the endorsement of Olson. This is a surprising and outrageous demand coming from a man of his experience, since he would, no doubt, know that there really are not any provisions under which the BPOU leadership could challenge the decision of delegates. The delegates have spoken, and the BPOU is unable to do anything about it.

A letter writer to the West Sherburne Tribune also chronicled this incident.

At the recent House District 16 A/B board meeting an obnoxious, boisterous man (who identified himself as Phil Herwig) threatened the members of the BPOUs in Senate District 16. He demanded that the executive committees undo the endorsement of Mark Olson as senate candidate or he and his group would begin releasing literature designed to defeat Olson in the primary.

Although he was not an invited guest or a recognized party activist, he was given time to speak. (The BPOU board encourages participation from all delegates and alternates who wish to be involved at the grass roots level.) It is unknown if he was supported by party hierarchy, senate caucus leaders, or unnamed big money

contributors. However, Mr. Herwig became so loud and obnoxious that the business owner asked us to leave the building.

In any case, the BPOU Executive Committee does not have the power to "undo" the endorsement. At a recent Senate District 16 Special Convention Mark Olson was duly endorsed as the Republican Candidate by duly elected delegates from SD16 by a 2-1 majority. Furthermore, Alison Krueger signed a pledge promising that she would respect the choice of the delegates and she would not run against the endorsed candidate.

Another LTE in support of Olson is critical of Senator Norm Coleman:

Since that election by the delegates, I am concerned that Sen. Norm Coleman, the Victory Committee (P.A.C.) Political Active Committee) and the Senate Caucus thinks they can control a local election?

As a delegate for District 16 and the chair for Sherburne County for Norm Coleman I have recently decided to resign from the chair.

We need to be careful and not allow any party or organization to manipulate a election. It violates our privilege and our freedom.

Since when have we allowed the government or the caucus to dictate the people?

A vote is a voice and we the people need to preserve the right to vote and expect our vote to be respected and highly esteemed.

This is the beauty of America and our great democracy.

In all there are two unique LTEs in support of Krueger (one was posted twice). There were also six LTEs that were published in support of Mark Olson.

Anti-Immigrant activist, Michele Bachmann and Mark Olson fan, Dare2sayit, reports on a recent BBQ for Mark Olson held at his farm.

Does anyone know whether the Republican sample ballot in SD 16 has Michele Bachmann, Norm Coleman and Mark Olson all listed?

Gary Gross, a Republican activist who does not live in the district has a series of critical posts about Mark Olson.

Gary points out that Olson's opponent, Alison Krueger has established a website. The only information she has on the site is Mark Olson's conviction record.

And the soap opera continues.....