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Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain Campaign Disses Values Voters


CONTROVERSY BREWING – With Christian conservatives delighted about Alaska Gov. Palin, both she and Sen. John McCain are planning to skip the Family Research Council’s huge “Values Voters Summit” in Washington this weekend. David Brody of’s “The Brody File” reports that “the offer of a short video from vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin to folks at this weekend’s Value Voters Summit has been turned down by its president, Tony Perkins. A source inside John McCain’s campaign tells me that Palin was set to record the video Wednesday in Virginia before she left for Alaska. But when the McCain campaign approached Perkins about offering the video rather than a personal appearance Perkins said, according to numerous witnesses, ‘That’s not enough.' …

“According to multiple sources, Palin was set to appear in person at the Summit which is billed as the largest gathering of value voters in the country. But a McCain source says plans changed when they were alerted that she needed to go to Alaska Thursday to be with her son as he deployed to Iraq. The conservative conference is Friday and concludes Sunday morning. Palin is set to make a campaign stop in Nevada on Saturday. John McCain is in the Washington DC area that weekend with no scheduled public events but a source tells me he has a full day of campaign business to attend to.”

As I mentioned this weekend, the McCain/Palin campaign didn't want to be photographed with the fringe who attend this conference.