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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Norm Coleman Irritates Base

Andy from Residual Forces posts a rant.

Having seen the email exchange between the Senator and my friend, I’m ashamed of Norm. Look, I know Norm has staked out a position in the mushy middle of politics, but for some reason it just pains me to see him denigrate the brain functions of the Republican base.

Fact: The Gang of 20 is not a bill that will change the gridlock in Washington, it is the result of the partisan gridlock do nothing, drill nowhere Congress. Bush has pledged to veto it. All this wall balancing from Coleman and others in the Gang are a complete and total waste of time. And if somehow they do get it passed, it will set America’s energy supplies back generations.

Shame on you Norm. Shame on you for selling out the American people in order to save your career. It appears that you are ‘part of the problem with Washington’.

With an opponent as far to the fringe left flank of the Liberal wing of the Democrat Party, you had the perfect opportunity to explain to voters why being a real Republican, (brace yourself Norm, I’m going to use the ‘C’ word) a principled conservative.

Yes Norm you blew it, you wasted a perfect chance to educate Minnesotans on the drastic differences between red meat Progressive Democrats (in case you don’t know yourself: they are socialists) and principled conservative Republicans stand for (that’s limited Government, free markets, personal responsibility, and laizze faire policies.)

Shame on you Norm. No wait, shame on the Republican leaders who have staked all the resources and hitched all the wagons of the Republican party into getting you reelected. Seeing you flounder around like a jellyfish as you defend tragic liberal bills and your support of them makes me very upset.

The money to run just one of those nasty commercials attacking Franken could win back a Minnesota House seat. In case you didn’t know, we have a majority of Progressive Democrat socialist wealth redistributing big government nannystators who are assaulting freedom and prosperity here in Minnesota.

If, as I have feared since Chairman Carey was reelected, the Republican party follows the orders from the RNC and all it is supposed to care about is getting you reelected and holding onto the 3rd, and that leads us to even more losses in the Minnesota House, there will be plenty of (rhetorical) blood on hands to go around. I know that phrase gets a lot of people’s undies firmly in a bunch. It is a NOT violent claim or threat. It is a political expression to help shed light on how the Republican Party of Minnesota has been led astray and knowingly decides to support one statewide candidate at the expense of legislative races.

I'm sick of the ads that are pandering to the stupid vote on both sides.