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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plumbing the Depths of the US Senate Race

While being a couch potato for a few hours on Thursday evening, I caught two TV ads from US Senate candidates.

The incumbent, Senator Coleman (with his gleaming white teeth) is promoting his constituent service... we heard testimony from a family for whom Senator Coleman provided assistance with an internatioal adoption.

That's all very nice, and I'm happy for the adoptive family, but does that make a case for re-election? That's like saying, 'I think more teenagers should have the opportunity to go to college.' Who would be against a statement like that?

The DFL challenger, Al Franken, showed me the ad (again) highlighting Senator Coleman's out of state travel as a Senator, presumably as a guest of lobbyists/special interests.

How about an ad that questions Al Franken's qualifications to be a US Senator? From where I sit, independent of a political philosphy, there is nothing on Al Franken's resume to suggest that he's a suitable choice for the World's Most Exclusive Club. Sorry, Al.... I can't hire you for this job.

Conversely, perhaps the Franken campaign could run an ad that makes the case for his qualifications to be Senator... because I don't know what they are.