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Friday, September 05, 2008

Primaries: Anti-Gay Jan Schneider is GOP Endorsed and Challenges Incumbent Neil Peterson in Primary

Neil Peterson was one the "override 6." For this reason, Jan Schneider challenged him for the republican endorsement. What's less well known is how she and the anti-gay activist group, the Minnesota Family Council are working to defeat Peterson. This is from Schneider's web site:

Peterson is also one of the lowest rated Republicans ranked by the
Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota, a constitutional watchdog
group (LEA 2007 ratings)

The Legislative Evaluation Assembly is a group that evaluates social conservative issues. They use the name "Legislative Evaluation Assembly" to mask their true nature.

The Minnesota Family Council has rated Peterson one of the worst
Republicans in the House on pro-family issues (2007 MFC ratings)


Wrong on Family Issues
Representative Peterson strayed from supporting traditional values when he:

Rejected requiring parental notification before dispensing of oral
contraceptives to minors (Erickson amendment to SF2171, 2007)

Voted to allow local governments to grant same sex health benefits at
taxpayer's expense (SF960, 2008 - vetoed by the Governor)

Voted against internet pornography filters in the Hennepin County Library
system (Emmer amendment to HF1973, 2007)

If you live in Bloomington, I'd encourage you to vote for Rep. Peterson in the primary. The last thing Bloomington needs is a nut like Jan Schneider representing them. If she does get through the primary, I anticipate the democrat would win in the general, provided the DFL nominated a strong candidate.


Spot said...

The DFL candidate in 41B is Paul Rosenthal. He ran surprisingly close to Peterson last time around. Spot sez that Paul will be the new rep. come January.

Markh said...

Spot - that would be good news. The GOP deserves to lose that seat in November.