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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Even Fox News.....

I watched part of Fox News Sunday today, and the political roundtable was not kind to the GOP presidential campaign.

They showed the 'worst of the worst' clips from Friday's Lakeville MN McCain campaign appearance.

Bill Kristol described the McCain campaign as 'stupid', as demonstrated by the conflicting messages in the ads vs. the personal appearances, and the constant strategic mis-fires.

It was also pointed out that Governor Palin has an open invitation to appear on Fox News Sunday, and she's not showing up. Instead, campaign manager and uber-lobbyist Rick Davis was a guest today, for a shouting match with an Obama representative.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota GOP treats a Vice Presidential candidate like a fast food promotion, mailing out foam rubber hockey pucks in exchange for refundable contributions.

They all deserve to lose... big time.