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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lawsuit Alleges Norm Coleman Ally Funneled $75,000 to Colemans

Strib. Norm bravely ran away from these reporters a few days ago.

A Texas businessman has filed a lawsuit alleging that Minnesota multimillionaire Nasser Kazeminy used his Houston marine company to funnel $75,000 to Sen. Norm Coleman last year via a Minneapolis insurance company that employs the senator's wife.

Coleman adamantly denies the claims in the lawsuit. "This is a vicious, defamatory attack on the senator and his wife less than one week before the election," Cullen Sheehan, Coleman's campaign manager, said Thursday.

The company, Deep Marine Technology, is controlled by Kazeminy, a close friend of Coleman's and a longtime campaign contributor.

The allegations about Coleman were among the claims in the suit over corporate practices filed Monday by Deep Marine's former CEO, Paul McKim, who founded the company in 2001. The suit was withdrawn later Monday during a flurry of settlement negotiations but was refiled Thursday after those talks failed, said Casey Wallace, a lawyer for McKim. Robert Weinstine, listed in the lawsuit as Kazeminy's Minneapolis attorney, did not return phone calls seeking comment.

This reminds me of Joe Biernat, Brian Herron and Dean Zimmerman.