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Friday, October 03, 2008

MN GOP Solicits Funds from Imaginary People

A 'Mrs. Mark ______' received a fundraising soliciation from the MN GOP this week. Uusually all of these mail appeals are prompty thrown away, but since there is no 'Mrs. Mark ______', I decided to respond in writing, and use up a tiny portion of the GOP's business reply mail postage account.

This letter is being sent to the attention on Ron Carey, chair of the MN GOP.

Mr. Carey

A ‘Mrs. Mark _____’ received a fundraising solicitation from the Republican Party.

It is incredibly presumptuous to assume that :

• ‘Mrs. Mark _____’ exists, and
• If there was a ‘Mrs. Mark _____’, that she would be predisposed to support Republican candidates. At one time, Mr. Mark ______ did support certain GOP candidates, but those days are long gone.

For the past two years I have personally pleaded over the phone and in direct mail responses to be removed from any and all GOP solicitation lists, your party continues to waste money and time on inactive, uninterested prospects. You even create imaginary contacts like ‘Mrs. Mark _____’ to generate direct mail volume. It all smells of desperation, as you continue to lose support.

And for the record, the funniest part of this attempt to get $50 from ‘Mrs. Mark ____’ is the fact that I, Mark _____, am a homosexual. Yes, I like ‘Project Runway’, Broadway musicals, the LOGO network, and men.

In this current election cycle, I also like most of the Democratic candidates.

Take me, and my imaginary spouse, off of your solicitation lists.

Adding a 'Mrs' to a man's name, and hoping for the best, is also risky when you think about people who are divorced or widowed, or married couples who do not share a last name. It's an incredibly lame tactic to try to make a prospect list bigger than it is.