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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Norm Coleman Speaks to the Fringe

Hot Air has the footage. There's also footage of Michele Bachmann.

David Brauer from Minn Post asks why Norm Coleman would go to this event at this stage in the campaign?

Norm Coleman wants to keep his job by demanding convicted felon Ted Stevens resign his, everyone reports. But Stevens says he won't resign. Did anyone ask if Norm would vote to expel the Alaska senator in that case? I can't find it in anyone's copy. The PiPress' Rachel Stassen-Berger notes Coleman won't return $12,000 from Stevens donated for the 2002 race because it's already been spent. Well, how about disgorging an equivalent amount now?

Bizarrely, Coleman shared a stage with Michele Bachmann last night, Stassen-Berger reports (leaving out the bizarre reference). That's a swing-vote getter! Al Franken has a slightly more appealing cross-promotional event Thursday, noted here.