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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sarah Palin on Her Gay Friend

Via Pam's House Blend.

Unlike Michele Bachmann who is an unabashed bigot on this score, and others, I don't find Palin suggesting that the only good gay is an ex-gay. She states her friend made a different choice than she did.

At this point, I'm more concerned about Palin's answers in Couric's interview about being qualified because she can see Russia from her back porch.

"As for homosexuality, I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I of my best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay and I love her dearly. She's not my gay friend, she is one of my best friends who happens to have made a choice that isn't a choice that I have made. But I'm not going to judge people." Transcription by Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend

Update: Welcome Gay Patriot Readers.


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