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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seifert: Republican Legislative Candidates No Longer Bleating About Abortion and Gay Marriage

Minn Post:

The Republicans do have strengths. Seifert said that Gov. Tim Pawlenty has "become engaged'' in legislative races in the last few weeks. He's been appearing at rallies and fundraisers and, in the process, has raised spirts as well as cash.

Additionally, no longer are Republican candidates appearing at front doors talking first and foremost about such things as abortion and gay marriage.

Those divisive issues, said Seifert, are back-burner this time around.

"Our message is that the state lives within its means,'' said Seifert. "That's what our candidates tell us people want to talk about, and that's what we're telling our candidates to focus in their campaigns. … It's up to them to get out and knock on doors and get the message out.''

The FRC is howling because the NRCC has abandoned Michele Bachmann and Marilyn Musgrave.