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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Senator Geoff Michel to Speak on Bi-partisan ship

This isn't a joke.

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The church I attend, Bethlehem Lutheran at 4100 Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis, is hosting a series of Wednesday forums covering various public policy topics. The forums are open to the public.

Bridging the Partisan Divide

6:30 pm Wednesday, in the Commons
OCTOBER 8 – Senator Geoff Michel (R- Edina) will come and talk about how we can get past partisanship to solve the long range problems that challenge our communities in Minnesota.

The series will continue throughout October with additional speakers, including representatives from Luther Seminary to help us understand our role as people of faith in working to overcome partisanship to help solve the many public policy challenges we face in Minnesota and in the United States.

Senator Michel has made at least one previous appearance at these forums. In December 2005 I heard him speak about the Minnesota 2020 project, which is a bi-partisan workgroup focusing on the demographic shifts in the state population, and the related impact on the state budget.

It's an important topic, and Senator Michel wilted under questions from the polite audience. He didn't demonstrate any kind of depth of knowledge. Perhaps he's aspiring to be the GOP Vice Presidential nominee someday.

I pay fairly close attention to the Legislature, and the only time I hear about Minnesota 2020 is in off-season forums.

Since the DFL gained a veto-proof majority in the Minnesota Senate, Senator Michel has consistently been a reliable team player for the GOP, including supporting the governor's veto of the transportation bill.

He has also weighed in with some preposterous statements about the contest for the 3rd congressional district, suggesting that because the DFL candidate isn't married and doesn't own a home in the district, he's disqualified for the office.

I can't wait to hear Senator Michel preach the gospel of bi-partisanship. I'll have a few questions for him.