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Friday, October 24, 2008

What Does Michael Brodkorb Mean?

From MDE quoting Rep. Shelley Madore:

“I did not have the benefit of the registry [an information system containing data on the cause, treatment, prevention, and cure of major birth defects], and had I had that, I may have made some different decisions with my family planning.” Source: Housing Policy and Finance and Public Health Finance Division, February 27, 2007

Plymouth Dem lets him have it:

# PlymouthDem Says:
October 24th, 2008 at 3:44 pm

“Quite a contrast with Sarah Palin, isn’t it.”

How shameless.

She has (I believe) two kids with spina bifida and Asperger’s syndrome. SEVERE disabilities. Far more severe than mild Downs. I have nothing but respect for Sarah for brining a child with Downs into the world, but, to question someone who brings two children with spina bifida and Aspergers into world is just reprehensible. These disorders not only create an extremely difficult life for the child, they create an extremely difficult life for the parents.

Did you people stop to think that her quote may mean one of two things: (1) that with better testing she could have pursued pre-birth uteral treatment for the disorders to minimize their impact; or (2) if she had better genetic marker testing she may have chosen not to have a second kid that ultimately had the disorder? I.e., not conceive as opposed to abort? Of course not, Michael and the republicans would rather attack this as a political issue.

Seriously, Michael has said a lot of things I disagree with, but, this is the first time I’ve been sicked by his actions.

Does Michael really think potential parents shouldn't use genetic counseling if they believe they are carriers of something like spina bifida?

And do people in Shelley Madore's district really want Brodkorb and his readers asking them about their personal decisions about family planning?


Aaron said...

Regarding the title of the post: you need to ask?

I haven't been so appalled with Brodkorb in a long, long time. He makes me sick.

Markh said...

Desperate people do desperate things.

I seldom read MDE any more...

When I've pulled it up a few times this week, I was reminded of why I don't bother.

Tim Walz's DWI from the mid-90's didn't matter to voters in 2006, and I doubt that it has grown in importance in the past two years.

And this Shelly Madore issue is ... too strange for words.