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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All These Prop 8 Actions

It's a bit confusing to me why there are all these Prop 8 actions now - rather than putting energy into this prior to the vote when it would have made a difference.

That being said, the discussion of this issue is a healthy discussion, even if it can be a painful discussion. There's some interesting debate over this issue over at the Dallas Morning News Religion blog.

There's also an interesting article at the BBC.

President-elect Barack Obama won the support of large numbers of religious voters. He also energised huge numbers of African-Americans to vote.

In California, they turned out for Obama, but they also voted on Proposition 8. And 70% of African-Americans voted in favour of banning gay marriage. Their votes were pivotal on the issue.

So, ironically, in this most liberal of states, many of the same people who turned out to elect America's first black president also voted against gay marriage.

Black voters on the gay marriage law

Many African-Americans voted that way for religious reasons: "It isn't Godly," one person told me. Others dispute the argument that gay marriage is a fundamental civil rights issue.

One thing is for certain: the election did not bring an end to the debate over gay marriage. Right now, it is more hotly contested than ever.
Campaigners plan to keep it in the headlines. And they plan to take their fight nationwide.

California is a state that often sets trends for the rest of the US, but could it now harbour a problem for the new president?

Ironically, Obama might have been better off, if his campaign had been more active in trying to help defeat Proposition 8. His campaign could have made the difference with African American voters. I don't think there would have been nationwide protests over the amendments in Florida and Arizona and Arkinsas - even though the Florida and Arkinsas amendments are much harsher.


Marie said...

David Mixner and others report the early vote analysis of 70% African-American California voters for Prop 8 is flawed and 57% is closer.

A more detailed attempt to look at demographic factors including age is by Ann Rostow at: