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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barack Obama and Prop 8

A commenter on Citizen Crain writes:

Barack Obama? Interesting story here ...

Several months ago, he took great pains to state that he believed marriage was between a man and a woman and that it was a sacred union. The YES on Prop 8 campaign used his exact words to do robocalls (I got one) urging support for Prop 8. Now, keep in mind -- Obama stated that he opposed Prop 8, but never went on state TV to clarify his position. He did not come out and shame the YES campaign for lying about his position on this issue. Why?

Because supporting gay marriage is political poison. He did not want to support GLBT marriage rights because it might cost him. I get that. But he could have done more. He let his own words be used in a dishonest way to advance the anti-gay agenda of hyper-Christian bigots in California and Utah. He could have gone on TV and rebuked the Prop 8 campaign.

This is extremely cynical from Barack Obama and his campaign.


Bose said...

Obama responded promptly and clearly. My sense is that this is far from letting his words be used. He endured a long campaign in which his words, his actions, his family, and his life were routinely distorted and misconstrued. It wasn't possible, and it wouldn't have been presidential, to refute each lie personally.

Yeah, I wish he had come out in support of marriage equality. He, along with any current pol who cares about civil rights who is alive in 20 years, will change his tune.

lloydletta said...

The Obama campaign never clarified their position. The No on 8 committee.