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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Be Kind to Your Election Judges

That's my thought for Election Day, 2008 - be kind.

In 2004, I worked as an election judge from about 1:30 in the afternoon until the polls closed around 8. For that entire time, I sat and processed same-day registrations. I was happy to help, but know that it can be an intense, stressful task for the judge.

I got up early this morning to vote, and faced a long wait. The logistics inside the polling place aren't the best, especially when trying to keep multiple lines organized. Nobody dislikes standing in lines more than myself, but I'd ask that voters be willing to give the volunteers running the polling places the benefit of the doubt today. They have to play the hand they're dealt in terms of facilities and staffing levels. It's easy to jump into some kind of conspiracy theory if we're inconvenienced, but let's just take a breath, wait in line, and calmly exercise our franchise.