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Friday, November 07, 2008

More from Triple A - Ron Carey Has to Go!

The top spot (Ron Carey) has to go because he refuses to think out side the box. We need drastic overhauling of this party from top to bottom. We’ve already begun to work on our own BPOU. Yes, while the iron is still hot, we’re talking about what we can do to win the other House seat and build up our grassroots base4 and volunteers to keep them engaged.

If we can’t get the deadweight, status quo, just listen to Fabrizio and the advisers, don’t rock the boat and upset the Governor/Senator/ etc people out of the MNGOP HQ, and all their lackey brown nosers too, there will be absolutely nothing changed.

Who will be the new chair?

Well, Fleming and Sutton are who I am hearing are preparing for it. Logical jumps for them as they are the two closest to the spot and have already been elected by State Central. But who else? I don’t know. There’s a lot of ripples in the water, but I am not hearing specifics, just a whole ton of anger and people ready to get someone in there who will listen to the grassroots not the DC bureaucrats.

Liberty, I sure hope that you will continue to bitch and moan/ make up this liberty thing when Democrats steal your rights then ban the ability for you to complain. What liberties did you have taken away. What, you ability to have terrorists kill you with out you knowing.

Christ, give me a break.

As for the growing Government, yeah, Bush was terrible and we will never out bid the Dems, so we shouldn’t even try. In case you didn’t know, I was supporting a Presidential candidate who believed in that sort of thing. Of course the establishment blue bloods of this party poo pooed that guy.

New blood. New ideas. I’m not saying that I have the answers or the solutions, but I can damn straight tell ya, that we can’t repeat the mistakes a 3rd time in the hopes that things go right.

Oh and this ain’t just an election thing, the party needs to be reformed and engage on the issues. The party must fight during the session and educate Minnesotans on the alternatives, and if the Governor disapproves, then too bad for him.

The next State Central Committee should be interesting.


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