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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Run Triple A, Run

Andy Aplikowski - aka Triple A - is considering running for state party chair.

Only if Ron Carey refuses to do the right thing after the recount is done or someone who has helped divide this party and put it in the ash heap comes forward.

A lot of people are ready for change. A lot of different groups are trying to organize and get their own ball rolling.

What I want to see done is for those of us who know the party is better than the results of the last 3 elections. We need to have a get together of those groups. If we all sit back and try to sneak around, the establishment will win again.

Trust me folks. We need to have an open and public debate about what this party needs while it is still fresh in the voters minds. If we wait for another meeting of 2-300 of us to decide the fate of the entire party in a prescribed outcome, we’ll be hosed in 2010 as well.

We need drastic change and we need it NOW!

Grab the popcorn!


Markh said...

Dude, knock yourself out. Based on the content of Triple A's blog, I think he'd be the right person at the right time to make the GOP even smaller and more inept.

Go, Andy!

Wolfgang said...

Ron Carey and his people, Tony Sutton, Darren Bearson and Gina Countryman must be sent packing. The will never be able to attract ALL people to the Republican Party because the Face of the People who voted this year don't look like them.