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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amy Klobuchar Proposed a Cool Half Million Earmark for the Harry Potter/Pokemon Obscessed Minnesota Teen Challenge

Earlier this year, Dump Bachmann and City Pages covered Michele Bachmann's association with Minnesota Teen Challenge, and exposed some newsletters that revealed the group to be far out on the fringe.

Parents are supposed to watch for signs that there kids are interested in Harry Potter and Pokemon among other things. These are gateways to drug abuse according to Teen Challenge.

Minnnesota Teen Challenge Newsletter screen shot

Why did Amy Klobuchar propose to fund this group with an earmark to the tune of a cool half million of taxpayer money?

Know the Truth- Prevention Education Project Minnesota Teen Challenge. For the Minnesota Teen Challenge to expand their drug prevention education efforts for teenagers $500,000

Write Betty McCollum. She sits on the appropriations committee. Minnesota Teen Challenge should NOT be funded.


TWAllen said...

Very interesting -hmmmm! It appears that Obama also wanted money for Teen Challenge in his state.
Check it out: