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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama Requested 200,000 for Teen Challenge

A commenter points out that Barack Obama also proposed funding for that group of charlatans also known as Teen Challenge.

Obama Requested $200,000 For The Teen Challenge Faith-Based Drug Abuse Treatment And Prevention Program In Illinois. In 2006, Obama requested $200,000 for the Teen Challenge, a faith-based drug abuse treatment and prevention program that operates statewide. After completion of the program, 72 percent of Teen Challenge graduates continue their education, 75 percent are employed, 87.5 percent do not require additional treatment for substance abuse, and 92 percent report good-to-excellent health. Vocational training is essential to successful drug abuse treatment, and this program produces graduates with job skills that allow them to become self-sufficient and return to their communities as productive members of society. To expand the scope of their work throughout Chicago, additional funding is requested to pay for the enrollment of an additional 30 individuals per month. [Obama Request Letter To Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, Education, 4/5/06]

Why would Barack Obama promote funding a program that believes Harry Potter books and Pokemons are gateways into drug abuse?