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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peter LaBarbera Comments on Warrengate

I asked Peter LaBarbera what he thought of Rick Warren scrubbing the Saddleback Church website of anti-gay language. LaBarbera responded:

If true, I think it would be tragic, and a foolish capitulation to homosexual activist and liberal pressure. The gay lobby is not going to shower love on Pastor Warren if he suddenly self-censors or alters a few pages on the Saddleback website. They oppose him for his Biblical beliefs on homosexuality and marriage, and I doubt those have changed (at least I hope not).

Pastor Warren should not back down a bit. Neither he nor Saddleback Church officials should ever be ashamed of the Bible's clear teachings on homosexuality. If President-elect Obama wants to disinvite Rick Warren, so be it, but it would be a mistake of monumental proportions if Warren or Saddleback were to attempt to appease homosexual activists by distancing the church in any way from orthodox evangelical Christian teachings.

Peter LaBarbera, Pres., Americans For Truth


Nachman said...

Eva, hon - you're obsessed. What gives?

David said...

At least she's not obsessed about the alleged anal adventures of gay people, unlike some people (ahem, Peter LaBarbera)