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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rich Scherber: God Protected Teen Challenge from Results of the 35W Bridge Collapse

Read it here:

The Minnesota Teen Challenge program is thanking God on several fronts for His awesome protection during the bridge collapse on Interstate 35 yesterday. This bridge is located just ¼ mile from our main center and is traveled hundreds of times by many of our students and staff as the main route to the Northeast metro area. I have heard almost a dozen stories from employees and students who were on this bridge just minutes before it went down. I want to share three of the most powerful miracles.

First, Jessica our admissions supervisor told me in tears how at 6:00 last night she was ready to enter the I-35 Bridge over the Mississippi. The Holy Spirit spoke to her very abruptly to turn off the freeway and go a different way home. She obeyed the Holy Spirit arguing with him all the way. Since she takes this same route every day and her commute home takes almost an hour, detouring from the freeway and not crossing over the bridge didn't make sense. Shortly after she detoured from I-35, the bridge went down. Jessica most likely would have been on that bridge.

Where did Scherber get those pictures? The public was not allowed that close to the site the day after the collapse.

Only the police and the media could have taken those pictures.

Did God also bring Minnesota Teen Challenge to listen to Frank Vennes about investments?