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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rick Warren: Creationist

Check it out here. The IDiot believes that evolutionary theory states that evolutionary changes are random events. They are not. Mutations are random, but beneficial mutations are selected (natural selection). This is not a random process. Breeders use a similar idea when they breed for various traits - in that case, it's not natural selection, but rather artificial selection.


Holly Cairns said...

Breeders? I don't like that term.

Why does there have to be so much separation made between GL people and heterosexual people who have kids?

Also, why so many bumper stickers? Can't we just be people doing our own thing...

Hopefully someone answers me nicely on that one some day. I'm not a hater, just wondering why sexuality has to define the person so much.

Holly Cairns said...

oh yeah, and evolution and the Bible don't have to go against each other. Creationists and literalists alike might read Genesis more carefully, there is common ground between those two (evolution and creationism).

I'm very Christian, BTW. To me, Creationism isn't a theory, but I don't R/O evolution (in fact, I'd venture to guess that is more than theory).

Avidor said...

I'm a breeder and I think Rick Warren is a jerk.

Holly Cairns said...

I laugh!

Markh said...

Holly - Rev. Warren compares homosexuality to incest and plural marriage. I'm not the one making that separation.

Re: the Genesis story... what I was told as a child was that the 'how' of creation wasn't nearly as important as the 'who'.

I leave the science (how) to the scientists. The 'who' is what matters to me.

Holly Cairns said...

Okay Markh, to me the Who is important, but the how is important to Creationists who refute evolution.

We can come together if you actually study Genesis. Man was created, and then beast. Later in Genesis beast was created, and then man.

The real topic? Rick Warren. So what power does he have anyway? Obama is smart to surround himself with friends he trusts.

Who's read Purpose Driven Live. I've pieced through parts of it. Useful in some respects.

Holly Cairns said...

Life. Duh!

Nachman said...


Eva - you homosexist heterophobe, shame on you.