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Monday, December 22, 2008

Saddleback Church Scrub a Dub Dub

The language discussing banning "unrepentant homosexuals" from Church membership has been scrubbed from the website. I wonder what Peter LaBarbera thinks of that.

Mike Rogers was on Hardball claiming this to be a huge victory.

This appears to be a regular story on cable news - and it divides Democrats. So I think in the end this was a boneheaded move by Barack Obama. The last thing he needs is open discussion and fighting within the Democratic party over social issues.

Update: John Aravosis asks a good question, and links to the google cache of the page.

So does Rick Warren now welcome gays, all gays, as members of his church? Or is he simply embarrassed of his views - embarrassed of God's views, per Warren's own admission? And if Warren is embarrassed of God's views, then what is he doing as a public spokesman on religion?

And whose idea was it to remove the anti-gay language? Warren's, or Obama's?

Update - an Americablog commenter adds:

Marie Burns 3 hours ago
I was pretty surprised by the news Warren has also taken down the dinosaur stuff. He still has links to his wife's teachings about how the theory of evolution denegrates God's love, or some such thing -- I couldn't listen to much of it -- it was really awful.

The revulsion to Obama's choice of Rick Warren has, probably rightly, concentrated on his unconscionable anti-gay remarks, but I find his anti-science stance just as -- or more -- dangerous.

Why did Obama choose Rick Warren to give the invocation in the same week he announced his scientific team? One or the other has to be a joke. You can't be Fred Flintstone AND Steven Chu. To me, placing Rick Warren on a pedestal isn't just an insult to rational people; it sends the terrible message that creationism is a plausible scientific theory -- just as Kay Warren teaches. It says science is opinion, not even educated opinion. In fact, it's the WRONG opinion. What is the point of pouring my tax dollars into our educational system on the one hand if on the other, you place delusional nonsense on a podium and give it a big ol' mike?

Rick Warren's thinking is dangerous on many levels, but the dangers it poses for our future is debilitating. The nation will get over being anti-gay in the same way it's getting over being anti-minority and anti-feminist -- the old bigots are dying off. But it won't get over being dumb if we keep on teaching new generations that the charming Biblical myths of Genesis are scientific and historical fact.