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Friday, December 12, 2008

So Why Is OutFront Minnesota So Afraid of Expecting More Of Democratic Legislators Such as Kelliher

From Hometown source:

Asked about the party and social issues, several local Republicans opined that while abortion and same-sex marriage and other social issues have been and should remain important to Republicans, neither should they be the sole focus.

“I think our opposition has been fantastic (at depicting Republicans as driven by social issues) and frankly, a great number of our social conservatives have been more than willing to step into it,” said Emmer of a perceived idea that the party is a party of social issues.

Seifert has shied away from social issues in favor of a focus on jobs, cutting regulations, he explained.

“During my tenure as minority leader if you counted the number of times I’ve talked about gay rights or Indian gaming you could probably count them on one finger,” he said.

Has OutFront Minnesota ever made an appointment to talk with Marty Seifert? It might be a worthwhile effort.