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Saturday, January 19, 2008

3rd District Race

I should be getting copies of the Stonewall Questionaires for the 3rd District Stonewall Questionaires. I actually thought that both Terri Bonoff and Jim Hovland deserved an A for both their screening questionaires and their answers at the screening.

Stonewall DFL Screenings

The Screening committee met today, and screened the following candidates:

The recommendations were:

3rd District:
Ashwin Madia A, Terri Bonoff B, Jim Hovland B.

Note: I was surprised by this, because I found all three candidates to be exceptional on Gay Issues. It's also worth noting that Hovland was the only candidate to mention this issue on his website, and when talking to the mainstream press. Perhaps Madia had an edge because he had attended the Stonewall DFL Halloween Fundraiser and worked the crowd, and the other candidates did not. That was probably due to ignorance of the event.

6th District:
Elwyn Tinklenberg B, Bob Olson A.

US Senate:
Franken - initial vote: 9Bs, 7As, then 3 proxies from board members came in, and it was 10 As to 9 Bs.

Ciresi - overwhelmingly A. The Bs were all from Franken supporters.

Nelson-Palmeyer - A.

The board meeting next week will be VERY interesting.

I'm hoping to get electronic copies of the candidate questionnaires, and will post those when I get them.

In general I was impressed by the process and would like to thank the Stonewall DFL Chair and board members for being so welcoming to me. There was a Republican tracker at the event. She made a point of telling me that she worked for the State Republican Party, not Michael Brodkorb.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Al Franken: "No one likes a gay bashing joke better than me." Coleman Uses this in an Ad

The latest of Al Franken's anti-gay statements:

Q:"OK Al, what was your most memorable event of 1992?" Al Franken: "… I’d say it was Pat Buchanan’s eighth gay-bashing reference in his convention address." Q: "First seven didn’t get to you, but the eighth one did it?” Franken: "Yeah, "It was something about the Democratic Party being cross dressers or something. I think that’s what it was. I mean, no one likes a gay bashing joke better than me. But this was serious." ("Crossfire," CNN, January 1, 1993)

Press Release here:

Press Release: Coleman For Senate Releases "Things You Won't See In An Al Franken Ad"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Coleman for Senate

New Webvideo Shows Voters The Al Franken They Won't See On TV

SAINT PAUL – With Al Franken running TV ads that gloss over the less-than-flattering parts of his career, the Coleman for Senate campaign today released a new webvideo to show the voters of Minnesota what Franken doesn’t want them to see. “Things You Won't See In An Al Franken Ad” features Franken's extensive history of tasteless comedy and divisive partisan rhetoric.

"Despite Franken's latest attempts to repackage himself as a kinder, gentler candidate, Al Franken can’t hide who he really is," said campaign manager Cullen Sheehan. "No matter how much of his Hollywood money he spends on TV ads, Al Franken won’t be able to sweep his record of over-the-top partisan attacks and offensive remarks under the rug,"

Click here to watch the video:

Webvideo Backup:

WARNING: Due to the offensive nature of these remarks, citations supporting Al Franken’s comments in the video are available by request only.

Web Video backup was posted on the Drama Queen's site:

Webvideo Backup:

"Q: Do you ever see yourself moving back here (Minnesota)? Franken: "I visit family a lot, but no, I think I'm in New York pretty much permanently. My life is here, my kids grew up as New Yorkers." (Neal Karlen, "Why Not Al?" Minnesota Monthly, November 1998)

Al Franken: "Republicans are shameless dicks. No, that’s not fair. Republican politicians are shameless dicks." (Al Franken, The Truth (With Jokes), Plume, p. 58, 2006)

Al Franken: "But, you know what, I don’t want to get into a whole partisan politics thing here. Not in this book, anyway. We’ll leave that for my next book, I F***ing Hate Those Right-Wing Motherf***ers!, due out in October 2004.” (Al Franken, Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them Plume, p. 107, 2003)

Al Franken: "Limbaugh listeners thought they were the best informed, yet were the least informed. … But why would people so woefully lacking in the basic facts of an issue think they were the best informed? Social scientists call it "pseudo-certainty." I call it 'being a f***ing moron.'" (Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh Is A Big, Fat Idiot, And Other Observations, 1996, p.16)

Al Franken: "Nobody Likes Getting An Abortion. Except, Perhaps, Rape Victims. It’s just that pro-choice people know that sometimes women get pregnant when they aren’t ready to have a child." (Al Franken, The Truth (With Jokes, Plume, p. 124, 2006)

Q:"OK Al, what was your most memorable event of 1992?" Al Franken: "… I’d say it was Pat Buchanan’s eighth gay-bashing reference in his convention address." Q: "First seven didn’t get to you, but the eighth one did it?” Franken: "Yeah, "It was something about the Democratic Party being cross dressers or something. I think that’s what it was. I mean, no one likes a gay bashing joke better than me. But this was serious." ("Crossfire," CNN, January 1, 1993)

"LAUER: And people read that, and then started coming up to you and, because your take on politics was so astute, saying you should run for president. Is that where the idea for this book came? Mr. FRANKEN: Yeah. Well, people actually said I should just run for any public office, they didn't care, because they felt I was obviously interested in politics, I had some celebrity, I've been on television, I'm very good looking. So–and I tried to tell people I would not be a good office holder, because I'm very indecisive and I'd be terrible. So… (Transcript, "Today," NBC, January 12, 1999)

The Peter Goes After Mitt Romney Again in Michigan


Pro-Family Coalition, Mass. Leaders, Come to Michigan to Warn Voters: Beware of Mitt Romney ’s Anti-Family Record
Published by Peter LaBarbera at 7:25 am under Uncategorized


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Contact Peter LaBarbera, Republicans for Family Values ( 630-717-7631

What: Two Press Conferences - Saturday & Sunday

When: Saturday, January 12, 2008 - 1:30 p.m.
Where: Westin Detroit Airport Hotel, 2501 Worldgateway Place, Detroit, MI


When: Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 1:30 p.m.
Where: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 187 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, MI

DETROIT, Mich. – Mass Resistance ( and Republicans for Family Values ( will be holding two major press conferences today and tomorrow in Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s home state of Michigan to warn voters about the “real Mitt Romney,” whose liberal, pro-homosexual record is a far cry from his pro-family campaign image.

Massachusetts pro-family leaders Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada, who co-authored the online report, “The Mitt Romney Deception”, will speak at the news conferences, joined by former homosexual Stephen Bennett and pro-natural-family advocate and RFFV founder Peter LaBarbera.*

LaBarbera notes that Romney recently endorsed homosexual special rights (”sexual orientation”) laws for other states — even though the array of “sexual orientation” laws in his own state of Massachusetts led to the imposition of homosexual “marriage” and “gay adoption.”

“Mitt Romney’s recent endorsement of pro-homosexual state laws on ‘Meet the Press’ shows that he still doesn’t have his pro-family conversion story straight,” LaBarbera said, “Of course, it disqualifies him as a pro-family leader.”

One of the spokesmen for RFFV will be Stephen Bennett — a FORMER homosexual man — now married to his wife of 15 years and the father of the couple’s two children.

Bennett is a former resident and taxpayer of Massachusetts. He now resides in Connecticut.

“As a conservative, and foremost a Christian man, I am going to Michigan with one purpose: to tell the truth about Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Do not be deceived — Mitt Romney is the furthest thing from being a conservative, pro-family advocate. He in no way represents my pro-family, conservative views,” said Bennett.

“Romney’s record proves he doesn’t deserve the office of President of the United States of America. However, there is one title I’ll grant Mitt Romney: the ‘Father of Gay Marriage.’”

Bennett continued, “As Governor of the State of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney illegally imposed so-called homosexual “marriage” licenses on the citizens of the Bay State — after refusing to support a marriage-protection amendment years earlier (when he was courting the Log Cabin Republican homosexuals). In doing so, he opened a tragic Pandora’s Box. What the courage-less Romney did in Massachusetts will affect our entire nation for years to come.”

In Boston, following the imposition of “same-sex marriage,” Catholic Charities’ adoption services was forced to closed its doors after refusing to place children in homosexual-led homes. Due to pro-gay laws and policies in the Bay State, parents who believe homosexuality is morally wrong are chastised and one, David Parker, was even thrown in jail because he protested his six-year-old child’s public elementary school ’s refusal to commit to inform parents about in-class lessons promoting homosexuality.

In then-Gov. Romney’s Massachusetts, state employees were threatened with firings if they refused to accept Romney’s unnecessary and illegal order to distribute ‘gay marriage’ licenses.

“And yet Romney has the audacity to now recommend these same oppressive pro-homosexual laws to other states?” Camenker said. “Mitt Romney is running for President as a pro-life, pro-family conservative, but we in Massachusetts know the REAL Romney — and the liberal social record he tries to keep hidden from the public makes him a threat to American families and our nation’s children if he is elected President.”

Camenker and Contrada wrote the “Mitt Romney Deception,” (, a devastating report documenting Romney’s liberal record and flip flops on homosexuality, abortion and other issues. Many conservatives are unaware of Romney’s long pro-abortion and pro-homosexual record — the latter which continues today with his recent endorsement on NBC’s “Meet the Press” of state “gay rights” laws (see “Mitt Romney’s Christmas Present to the Gay Lobby,” at


*For identification purposes only, LaBarbera is also president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality.

Well, well, well, this didn't seem to hurt the Mittster. He won the gold.... Maybe he should learn something by this and quit trying to pander to these people.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Losing Our Norm

Residual Forces delivers an ultimatum to Norm Coleman:

So would a lot of others. If you don’t start to reconnect with your base, Senator, and I mean stat, this sort of news and revelation on your record is going to spell your demise. You’ve voted against the best interest of limited government conservatives in the party a number of times, and we’re stubborn elephants with a long memory.

Interesting comment by J Ewing:


By J. Ewing on Jan 16, 2008 | Reply

We all have our limitations on time, money and energy, and you are right, there are a lot of candidates more “deserving” than Norm out there to defend or promote. We don’t even have to be “against” the opponent– a positive message works much better and on that, I DO fault the Coleman campaign.

Closed circuit to The Senator: Enough with trying to scare us with Al Franken, already. None of us were ever going to vote for him, anyway. What we want is to have a reason to vote FOR you, and to do that, you need to vote for us– and better than 64% of the time. Those who are paying the most attention to your votes are those those with the votes you need the most, who will pound signs, contribute and generally make the effort. It’s like you always say, “A leader without followers is just a guy out for a walk.”

Why Rich Stanek Never Had a Parking Ticket Scandal

Daily Mole:

Blogger Eva Young writes, via email, to point out that Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, who has been knocked around lately for his self-congratulatory bridge collapse DVD, apparently enjoys the ancillary privileges of his position as much as he enjoys a good photo opportunity. She notes this comment from a Lambert to the Slaughter thread last week:

One of those TV guys needs to get a camera and follow Stanek around to watch where he parks. He attended the ESPN luncheon at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse last Monday (free lunch –who knows) and parked under a no parking sign in the right turn lane on 10th Street right in front of the restaurant. He walked past a line of valet parkers whom everyone else had to use.

Posted by: Rich | December 20, 2007 at 12:35 PM

Yup, I tipped off Perry about this, but he chose a very good headline.

DFL Party Rules for Presidential Voting

This is very different than it has been in the past.


TO: Media, Interested Parties

FROM: Minnesota DFL Party

DATE: January 16, 2008

RE: 2008 DFL Precinct Caucus

In order to clarify some of the details around the 2008 DFL Precinct Caucus, on Tuesday, February 5 (“Super Tuesday”) at 7:00 p.m., the Minnesota DFL Party prepared the following memorandum for media and interested parties. A more detailed explanation of DFL precinct caucuses is available at Additional questions about caucuses should be directed to Kelly Schwinghammer (651-251-6334 or or John Stiles (651-251-6315 or

For Media: (more detailed information available at

Minnesota is tied for seventh-largest of all states voting on February 5 in the number of delegates (88 total) that Minnesota sends to the Democratic National Convention.

DFL caucus attendees will cast a secret Presidential Preference Ballot. The results of the ballot are binding and determine how Minnesota’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be allocated among the candidates.

Unlike Iowa Democrats, Minnesota DFLers do not sub-caucus at precinct caucuses for presidential preference.

Caucus-goers may cast ballots starting at 6:30 p.m. and anytime until 8:00 p.m. Caucus-goers are not obligated to stay for the remaining caucus business.

Absentee voting is not allowed on the DFL Presidential Preference Ballot.

The results of the Presidential Preference Ballot will be reported to and tallied by the Minnesota Secretary of State. Results will be available in real time on the Web site of the Office of Secretary of State (

For Caucus-Goers:

To find precinct caucus locations, go to or call the DFL Headquarters at 651-293-1200 or 800-999-7457. Attendees can also find caucus locations through the Minnesota Secretary of State (

More information for caucus-goers can be found at


Mike Huckabee Compares Homosexuality to Bestiality

This is from an interview in Beliefnet where he is trying to do damage control for this:

QUESTIONER: Is it your goal to bring the Constitution into strict conformity with the Bible? Some people would consider that a kind of dangerous undertaking, particularly given the variety of biblical interpretations.

HUCKABEE: Well, I don't think that's a radical view to say we're going to affirm marriage. I think the radical view is to say that we're going to change the definition of marriage so that it can mean two men, two women, a man and three women, a man and a child, a man and animal. Again, once we change the definition, the door is open to change it again. I think the radical position is to make a change in what's been historic.

This reminds me of when Senator Cornyn released an advance copy of a speech to the Heritage Foundation which included this gem:

It does not affect your daily life very much if your neighbor marries a box turtle. But that does not mean it is right ... [N]ow you must raise your children up in a world where that union of man and box turtle is on the same legal footing as man and wife.

Cornyn didn't end up using this piece in the speech when he actually delivered it.

If the Huckster is truly concerned about banning marriages between people and animals, he needs to support the FARM amendment:

In an FRC brochure titled "The Slippery Slope of Same-Sex Marriage," Dailey brings up an obscure case that came to light five years ago about a deluded soul in Missouri named Mark. It seems that Mark fell in love with his pony, named Pixel, and in 1993 actually "married" her in a private ceremony.

"She's gorgeous. She's sweet. She's loving," Mark was quoted as saying in unbridled affection. "I'm very proud of her. ... Deep down, way down, I'd love to have children with her." ....

To avert such calamities, Dailey and others are pushing for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, thus removing any possibility that individual states could decide for themselves to sanction bestiality or gay unions. The proposed amendment is scheduled to be debated and voted on this week in the U.S. Senate, and it's expected to be a bitter and divisive fight.

So I have a proposal: If the real, underlying issue in this debate is the fear that human beings will someday be allowed to marry animals — if Smoltz, Dailey and others are honestly and truly worried by that prospect — then let's address that issue head on. Let's pass a Federal Animals, Relationships and Marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution that outlaws all interspecies marriages, period.


Second, and more important, my proposal would address a glaring loophole that Dailey, Smoltz and other courageous crusaders against bestiality have apparently overlooked.

Pixel, you see, is a female pony, which means that technically speaking, she and Mark in Missouri have actually enjoyed a stable, heterosexual relationship. A ban on same-sex marriage would do nothing to prevent them joining in holy matrimony. Only the FARM act can save the republic from that travesty.

I hope some enterprising reporter challenges the Huckster to support the FARM Amendment.

Here's the Daily Show episode that discusses the Cornyn quote:

Two New Examples of Anti-Gay "Jokes" From Al Franken

The Drama Queen breathlessly reports on two new examples of Al Franken's anti-gay "humor". My question is when will Senator Coleman weigh in on this. Will Coleman try to directly use this? If he does, it would show that he does plan to compete for the gay vote, rather than ceding it to the Democrats.

Plus a very interesting comment thread:

Another liberal hack trying to change the subject as they are all very aware of Angry Al’s hatred for all things gay.

A client of mine is a mojor player in the GLBT community and produces the largest pro-gay newsletter in town and he says he is very upset that no one wants to talk about this and he is not going to vote for Al if he becomes the candidate. Many in the GLBT community are not happy with Al or some of the political leaders for the GLBT groups as the rank and file do not want Angry Al as the candidate.

The liberal spinners can yap all they want, there is VERY serious concern about Angry Al’s canididcy.

My guess is the DFL muct actually like Coleman as putting Angry Al up against him will go as far as Angry Mike Hatch did in his run.

# Andy Birkey Says:
January 17th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

Big Kahuna: “A client of mine is a mojor player in the GLBT community and produces the largest pro-gay newsletter in town and he says he is very upset that no one wants to talk about this and he is not going to vote for Al if he becomes the candidate. Many in the GLBT community are not happy with Al or some of the political leaders for the GLBT groups as the rank and file do not want Angry Al as the candidate.”

That is true. I’ve heard that same thing from folks in the community.

If he has the “largest pro-gay newsletter in town,” tell him he should actually write something about it. Actually, there’s only one “pro-gay newsletter in town,” so I wonder when Lavender will run something about this.
# Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
January 17th, 2008 at 2:32 pm

Andy: I wonder if Minnesota Monitor will run something about this. I also find it interesting that Minnesota Monitor used a picture today of Franken wearing a sticker from the Human Rights Campaign in a story.

I have never seen that picture used before on Minnesota Monitor’s website. Looks like someone is playing favorites, days before the Stonewall DFL endorsement.
# Andy Says:
January 17th, 2008 at 2:49 pm

I’ve got something I’m putting together about Franken’s jokes, etc. And I’d like to get it done before the SDFL this weekend.

I can’t speak to the Franken HRC button. I’d like to think my fellow writers are that clever/savvy… but it’s up to the writer to decide which picture to go with.

I hope Andy Birkey will call both Franken's office and Coleman's office for comment. Coleman has been vocal about Franken's other "jokes." Do these jokes offend him?

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer to Screen with Stonewall DFL

This is a follow up to an earlier post on the upcoming Stonewall DFL screening.

From the Nelson Pallmeyer campaign:

Jack is definitely screening with Stonewall — not sure why he’s not listed on their schedule. I forwarded your post on the the campaign so they can check with them & see why he’s not listed.

Stonewall DFL also made a point of confirming this:

The JNP folks are now confirmed for 3:30pm. Our website will be updated later today (afterwork) to reflect this addition.

Mark H comments:

I was at the Stonewall DFL screenings two years ago (as an observer/reporter, not a member), and I don't recall any 6th CD candidates showing up.

I'm glad that Tinklenberg and Olson are planning to screen. It will draw some attention to that race.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

42 A Seat - Erik Paulsen's House Seat

The husband of Carol Bomben's campaign manager, Jerry Pitzrick will be running as a Democrat for Erik Paulsen's seat. Kathy Veurink, Director of Guest and Member Services at Grace Church is running for Republican endorsement.

Stonewall DFL Federal Candidate Screening Schedule for Saturday

As I mentioned before, both Elwyn Tinklenberg and Bob Olson plan to screen.

11:00am Questionnaires Released
Federal Screenings
12:00pm Ashwin Madia 3rd CD
12:30pm Terri Bonoff 3rd CD
1:00pm Jim Hovland 3rd CD
1:30pm Bob Olson 6th CD
2:00pm Elwyn Tinklenberg 6th CD
2:30pm Al Franken US Senate
3:00pm Mike Ciresi US Senate
3:30pm Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer US Senate
4:00pm open
4:30pm open

I believe neither Elwyn Tinklenberg nor Patty Wetterling screened with Stonewall DFL 2 years ago, so this represents progress. I interviewed Bob Olson briefly and describe the interview here but have thus far not been able to schedule a video interview with his campaign. Elwyn Tinklenberg's on camera interview with Dump Bachmann on Social Issues (which covers gay issues and stem cell research) is here.

It is interesting that the Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer campaign has not scheduled to screen before Stonewall DFL.

Meanwhile Stonewall DFL Board Member posts about Team Franken's bigotry on the Minneapolis Issues list.

We are a city of diverse peoples, and our citizens might want to think twice before supporting Al Franken.

I tried volunteering for the Franken campaign, even offered my labors, free of charge, as an intern. When he was making appearances out by Starbuck where I know the Franken campaign is short staffed I offered to help. I never received a reply. When I applied for an internship, the interview lasted for all of two minutes. I suspect they were expecting a pretty young lady instead of a very queer old gimp.

I've raised this issue of his campaign's bigotry with Al Franken himself. One of his cute young staffers wrote down my contact info, but I've never even received the dignity of a reply from Al Franken or his campaign. So I can only conclude that bigotry is standard operating procedure at the Al Franken campaign, and if your too old, queer, or crippled your not welcome in Al Franken's campaign or as a possible future constituent. Given some of Al Frankens past homophobic and misogynist comedy routines that's no surprise.

There are better candidates for Minneapolis, and I suggest Minneapolis diverse citizens look at them all. FFI:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Pageant Continues

So, Congress slumped back into their chairs today, and what's the first thing they worry about.....

Steroid use in professional baseball. They couldn't wait to talk about it some more.

When will somebody demand Congressional hearings on breast enhancements and botox abuse among Hollywood starlets? I demand answers! The integrity of show business is at risk!

Bridges fall down, we're bleeding money in Iraq, the economy is looking like swirl in the drain, gas costs $3.00 per gallon, most of the federal budget isn't done... but we have to worry about whether professional entertainers take drugs do make their arms bigger.


Natives are Restless About Senator Norm Coleman

Leo Pusateri on True North and Psycmeistr:

If he keeps this up, our esteemed Senator Norm Coleman, will be "swimming with the fishies," politically speaking (all emphases mine).

A new study finds that Sen. Norm Coleman voted with a majority of fellow Republicans just 64 percent of the time last year on the eve of a tough re-election battle, his lowest rating since entering the Senate in 2003.


So, Senator Coleman, you believe that 30 percent of the Republican party agenda of low taxes, energy independence, and smaller government is not in the best interests of the citizens of the state of Minnesota?

Your base-- you know, the ones that work for you and give you money to get you elected--would like to have a talk with you, Norm. With a RINO voting record like that, who the hell needs democrats?

Meanwhile over at the Drama Queen's site it's the usual discussion about "Angry Al".... Someone left an interesting comment:

# Cluck King Says:
January 15th, 2008 at 9:26 am

If the GOP wants “Angry Al” to be Al’s moniker, then “Naughty Norm” should be Norm’s.

Norm makes Giuliani look like an amatuer.

There are a few more posts on the same topic by Cluck King.

It's going to be a long year.

What Will Stonewall DFL Do?

In response to my previous post asking whether Stonewall DFL will ask Al Franken about some of his past anti-gay or anti-transgender comments on the record, Megan commented:

Megan said...

I do beleive that any member in good standing can ask such a question.

So, just make sure your membership is up to date and ask the question yourself if it is so important to you.
12:07 PM

I'm not a member of Stonewall DFL, but plan on attending the screenings as an observer to report on the screenings.

Romney Wins Michigan

The AP article covering this really goes after Romney:

Mitt Won, Authenticity Lost

By RON FOURNIER, Associated Press Writer 30 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney's victory in Michigan was a defeat for authenticity in politics.

The former Massachusetts governor pandered to voters, distorted his opponents' record and continued to show why he's the most malleable — and least credible — major presidential candidate.

And it worked.

The man who spoke hard truths to Michigan lost. Of all the reasons John McCain deserved a better result Tuesday night, his gamble on the economy stands out. The Arizona senator had the temerity to tell voters that a candidate who says traditional auto manufacturing jobs "are coming back is either naive or is not talking straight with the people of Michigan and America."

Instead of pandering, McCain said political leaders must "embrace green technologies," adding: "That's the future. That's what we want."

Romney jumped all over McCain, playing to the fears of voters in a state with the nation's highest unemployment rate. "I've heard people say that the auto jobs are gone and they're never coming back," Romney told his audiences. "Well, baloney, I'm going to fight for every single good job."

Of course, he'd fight for every job. So would McCain, or any future president. But how?

Judging by the brief campaign in Michigan, one candidate would flail away at the problem with empty rhetoric while the other would ask Americans to come to grips with the harsh realities of global competition, a tech-based economy and the urgent need to retrain a generation of workers.

Those aren't easy things for a politicians to say, but the truth is, the days are gone in Michigan and elsewhere when a high school graduate could land a factory job and count on a comfortable, stable middle-class life: a nice home, two cars, college tuition, health insurance and a pension.

Romney didn't talk about any of that.

Instead, he told voters what he thought they wanted to hear.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Comparison of Democratic Presidential Candidates on DOMA

Pam's House Blend:

Take home message: Hillary Clinton supports the part of DOMA that states states shouldn't have to recognise another state's gay marriage. Edwards and Obama both support full repeal of DOMA.

Go read the whole thing. Both the post by Terrance and the comment by Eric Stern are full of useful information.

Stonewall DFL Endorsements Coming Up - Will Al Franken Get Asked to Explain His Anti-Gay Statements On the Record?

Stonewall DFL Federal Candidate Screening Coming Up:

Saturday 1/19/2008 Stonewall DFL Federal candidate screening Hennepin County Government Center - Jury Room 12 noon - 5 pm

I'm sure that US Senate Candidates Al Franken, Mike Ciresis and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer will be there.

Will Stonewall DFL ask Al Franken to explain the following anti-gay statement:

"He [Al Franken] recalled writing a skit called 'Seamen on Broadway' that was rejected from the Hasty Pudding show 'by some preppie so they could take some other preppie's skit.' Franken started to smile again, but his tone was serious, too serious. 'It's not preppies, cause I'm a preppie myself. I just don't like homosexuals. If you ask me, they're all homosexuals in the Pudding. Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.' The smile became so broad it pushed his eyes shut. He couldn't stand it any longer. 'Put that in, put that in,' Franken laughed, leaning over the desk. 'I'd love to see that in The Crimson.'" Source: Harvard Crimson, April 16, 1976

When comedian Larry David spoke at an Al Franken fundraiser in Minneapolis, he made jokes at the expense of transgenders.

On at least one occasion, Al Franken has had to apologise for offensive jokes about transgenders made on his show.

Here's the "joke":

AF: It's not true. Not just a hermaphrodite, but a conjoined twin who is also hermaphrodite. They were conjoined at both sets of genitals. Remember this isn't true, it's a lie. The doctor in delivery room said he'd never seen a more hideously freakish creature in his life, Sean and Shawn, S-H-A-W-N.

They were separated at age 14 by drunk carnival barker using a [inaudible] stolen from bearded lady, who was Sean's mother and father. Remember, none of this is even remotely true, it's a lie. Anyway, Sean nearly bled to death but survived and now has a quarter of a vagina and three-quarters of a penis. Remember this isn't true.

But in a sense it is far less [inaudible] lie than the lies this three-quarter man tells everyday. And we here at The O'Franken Factor, we feel that it's our duty to keep lying about Hannity as long as he insists o­n lying to America. That was today's Fighting Hannity's Lies With Lies About Hannity.

Here's the apology:

Al Franken has apologized for the offensive joke made o­n the June 2, 2004 show.

"On Wednesday’s “Fighting Hannity’s Lies with Lies About Hannity” segment, I falsely claimed that Sean Hannity was born a hermaphroditic conjoined twin, and that the doctor who delivered him and his twin reacted in horror at their birth. I would like to apologize to members of the intersexed and conjoined-twin communities for furthering the unjustified stigma attached to these conditions. An estimated o­ne in 2000 people are born with atypical genitalia, which, like conjoinment, is a naturally-occurring bodily variation. I am sorry for the ill-considered joke."
-Al Franken

It will be interesting to see whether Stonewall DFL will give Franken a pass on these matters or will ask him about it.

The other race that will be interesting is the 6th District race. Both DFL candidates, Bob Olson and Elwyn Tinklenberg plan on screening for Stonewall DFL endorsement.

It will be interesting to see which 3rd District candidates show up, and whether 2nd District candidate Steve Sarvi plans to screen for Stonewall DFL or plans to avoid the event.

Strib and AntiStrib on Ron Carey Controversy

AntiStrib comments on the matter

Check it out.

I personally don't see what the big issue is. Ron Carey has the right to support anyone he so chooses. As a private citizen.

Assigning an endorsement on behalf of MNGOP to Mike Huckabee would be, well, let's just call it a big boo-boo. He's never done that. So again I ask, what's the big deal if he personally wants to support Huckabee?

Sue Jeffers responds in the comments:

Republicans need Ron Carey’s undivided attention on MN politics not a national presidential dog fight. The well paid Chair of the MNGOP should be focused on regaining control of the MN House in 2008, as well as attention to our state federal races. We need Ron Carey, host Chair for the 2008 Republican Convention, to be rolling out the welcome mat for all candidates who may end up in St. Paul. We need Ron Carey to at the very least pretend to be fair and impartial.

Now we will be forced to ask is he on the clock for Huckabee or the MNGOP, which organization is he fundraising for? Will there be hard feelings from other candidates; will the winner be willing to assist MN knowing the MN chair endorsed another candidate? Should Ron Carey be supporting all Republicans instead of one particular candidates?

Adding insult to injury Ron Carey showed his true colors in his endorsement of Huckabee as a candidate. Carey’s letter to the State Executive Committee members was already making excuses for his choice. He said: Any choice for the republican nominations stands head and shoulders above the best choice of the democrats can offer. Translation: Our RINO is better than a Dem. The same message that cost us so dearly in 2004 and 2006 and the recent SD25 special election.

Ron should at least pretend to be fair and impartial and his actions lack good judgment and common sense. My problem with his decision is this: Ron Carey why weren’t you front and center supporting Governor Pawlenty when he unveiled his executive orders to combat illegal immigration issues? Instead of supporting the action conservatives are desperately looking for, our party chair was taking a stand for Huckabee with his own press conference.

I wish Ron would put MN politics above his personal preference, it is what we pay him for. If he can’t do that I hope he will step aside or step down.
Sue Jeffers | 01.09.08 - 10:17 am

And now the Strib has a front page article and the Pigs Eye Podcast is devoted to the matter. Andy Aplikowski gets lots of attention in both.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Huckabee: Bridges Didn't Fall Down in My State

Duane Patterson at Hugh Hewitt:

This takes a swipe at Governor Tim Pawlenty. Patterson comments:

But what really frosted me was the fact that he threw a little jab at my Minnesota brethren in there, saying, looking at my record in Arkansas, with the roads we had to build, “no bridges fell in Arkansas.” As soon as the video hits YouTube, I’ll find it and post it.

If you look at any Electoral College map, you know that whoever the Republican nominee is, he will have to expand the map to cover the upcoming loss of Ohio to the Democrats. The greatest possibility of a Republican pick-up is in the Upper Midwest, most likely Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa. How in the world does Mike Huckabee expect to help flip Minnesota when a Democrat operative finds that soundbyte and uses it to alienate the Minnesota voters?

It was a cheap shot, and an ill-advised one, especially for a candidate who should have at least a marginal understanding of what he’s going to need to do to win the White House in November.

Back to the Artwork...

(posted at Dump Bachmann)

I made a New Years resolution to spend a lot less time on the internet and get more artwork done.

What I found out is that it wasn't that easy to cut down. Somebody would send me something wacky about Bachmann and there I was composing, uploading... instead of drawing and inking.

I have to go cold turkey... so I've asked Eva to take away my ability to post on DB.

I began blogging at DB because the media was not reporting all the bizarre, wacky spectacle stuff Bachmann did and said.

The Dump Bachmann Team has done an amazing job of setting the record straight on Michele Bachmann and I'm satisfied that I have achieved the goals I had when I started blogging on DB way back.

The good news is that DB has excellent contributers from the 6th CD now. More good news is that there are two strong candidates in the DFL. Either Elwyn Tinklenberg or Bob Olson has a good chance of defeating Bachmann in November.

It's been interesting... but, I must be going....

Eva has been gracious for letting me post non-Bachmann stuff on Lloydletta also.


Eva adds: I will miss Ken Avidor and wish him the best.