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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Judy Lindsay: The New Michele Bachmann

Eleventh Avenue South has a detailed article.

Lindsay was not just the dutiful servant of a nut; her resume includes some red-letter moments of her own. At a hearing on a bill to remove sexual orientation from the Minnesota Human Rights statutes, she testified that homosexuality causes higher rates of mental illness. She also cited the research of discredited homophobic researcher Dr. Paul Cameron who has said that, on average, gay men don't live past age 42.

"The facts speak for themselves. Homosexuality is dangerous and risky. Students should not be encouraged to enter this lifestyle. They should be warned of the dangers and the facts that many individuals have successfully left the homosexual lifestyle. It is too bad their schools lie and keep this important information from them." (ThisWeek Online, April 2004.)

"'We are afraid of the sex pushers coming into our community and pandering to the curiosity of children and childlike adults,' said Judy Lindsay, a Rosemount mother of three. That's what's happening, she said, because of Minnesota's human rights act, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation." (Saint Paul Pioneer Press, March 21, 2003)

"'I don't have to worry about our values being undermined' at a private school, Judy Lindsay said recently. That includes her concerns about how evolution is taught and the Profile of Learning. When parents see that the public schools are 'so into environmentalism and a multicultural, politically correct social agenda, they want out,' she said. 'I think that has caused a lot of people to pull their kids out.'" (Saint Paul Pioneer Press, February 3, 2000)
When Eastview High School decided to do a production of the Laramie Project, a play about the brutal death of Matthew Shepard, Lindsay said: "By putting on this play, Eastview High School has endorsed and is promoting the radical homosexual agenda."
(ThisWeek Online, March 2004)

"The 'Safe Staff' program, despite its name, is anything but 'safe' for kids because it actually attempts to silence those who would protect the innocence of children. The staff is taught that some students are naturally gay and that it is a healthy lifestyle, which should be encouraged. As a result of this one-sided program, the schools endorse homosexuality and pre-adult sex, families become divided, and students' lives and welfare are put at risk." (Lindsay quoted at Minnesota Family Council website)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Emmer Shows Up at Abler's Convention

Dear Colleagues,

You may be wondering why I am behaving as I have been since my convention voted 58-42 to ratify my votes and actions over my 10 years.

Shockingly to me, Rep Emmer showed up at the convention on Saturday around 9:45, declaring himself as representing the caucus. “Marty went south, and I went north.”

Following a nice commendation of Rep Hackbarth for providing good representation of his district (no mention of me), Tom went onto bash the “Democrat transportation tax bill.” The entire speech lasted 7 or 8 minutes, during which time the crowd got actively engaged, since as a group they were about 3:1 opposed to the bill and many were angry at me anyway. When comments came about “those 6 republicans” Tom gestured in an encouraging way, and crowd whipped into a frenz y against those 6 (including me) resembling an Obama rally. There was no doubt as to the local object of this aggression, me. As he closed, he received tumultuous applause and left.

When David Olson of the Mn Chamber arrived, he was treated harshly by the crowd and booed due to the firey mood of the crowd after Emmer’s speech.

When I approached Marty prior to the convention for a letter stating that I had been a good caucus member except for this singular vote with which he vehemently disagreed, he declined stating that didn’t I remember that the caucus was not going to do any help in my election. Which I accepted.

What shocked me is that the caucus would send Tom Emmer who has obvious and unresolved anger issues toward me and expect his appearance in already tense situation to go well. I think in human resource circles they call this the Worst Possible Decision.

I have been a member of the caucus for 10 years, but cannot recall even any stories about the caucus attacking a sitting member during an endorsing process, especially when the opponent is “no endorsement” and particularly when that member is supported by business and the MCCL.

The caucus punishment story about us 6 had died down with the advent of the budget forecast and the governor’s response. The Emmer rant at my convention has given all of this retribution talk new life, and we are now becoming known as the party of the robot.

I think we had better look inside each of ourselves and see where we are going to wind up politically and as a coalition.

I am sending this to members and staff both, because we are all in this together. There has been too much silence already, and this matter has escalated way too far. All our loyal crew deserves to know what is going on and what transpired.

Now you know what happened.

If you don’t happen to see me at caucus, you shouldn’t be surprised. It is hard to leave your backside open to a “family” who has tried to blatantly defeat you.

State Rep. Jim Abeler
Former Minority Lead
Health and Human Services Finance
Room 203 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155
Fax: 651-296-1478

Hat Tip: Andy Aplikowski

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It isn't easy being Eliot Spitzer

From the Hartford Courant.... just reading all of this makes me tired.

Monday, March 10, 2008

McLeod County Republicans Unhappy with Coleman Over Dream Act and Hate Crimes Votes

McCleod County Chronicle:

In a rare show of public discontent, some of the leaders of the McLeod County Republican Party showed their displeasure with U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., and indicated to district and state party officials that they might not campaign for Coleman if he is endorsed for re-election this year.

In response, Eric Haapala, chairman of the 7th District Republicans, shot back stating it was the duty of the Republican leadership, even at the county level, to bury personal feelings and back Republican candidates.

The issue boiled to the surface Saturday morning at the McLeod County Republican Convention in Silver Lake. When the heated discussion was over, neither side yielded. No endorsement vote came up.

The battle line was drawn over Coleman's voting record in the U.S. Senate that angered five of the eight county Republican executive board members enough to sign a letter sent to Coleman Oct. 12, 2007.

"Your voting record is disappointing to say the least," the letter stated. "Reviewing some of your votes within the last month, we wonder if you have forgotten that you are a Republican and not a Democrat."

The letter stated Coleman's support of the "Dream Act," which allows illegal immigrants access to federal money for student loans and gives a fast-track to citizenship to millions "is a sellout to millions of taxpayers in the United States who will have to pay for 'lawbreakers' to go to school" and will bring millions more of illegals into the country.

Also, the local GOPers were critical of Coleman's support for a "hate crimes bill," that will enhance punishment for crimes against homosexuals and transgender people.

"Why do you feel that a homosexual or a transgender person should be given special treatment? All crimes are hate crimes," the letter stated.

What's interesting is that the Seifert, Carey and Dorothy Fleming are pushing to punish independent thinking legislators - but are giving a pass to Senator Coleman.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rachel Paulose Like Atmosphere in the Attorney General's Office

Eric Black at Minn Post has the story.

The union issue has broken into the mainstream media a few times and more often in the blogosphere. The trade publication Minnesota Lawyer has covered the matter more than any other outlet.

Swanson declined to speak to Minnesota Public Radio for a story that aired this morning about the unionization issues. Her spokesman gave MPR this statement: "The issue of whether confidential attorneys can form a union has been around for 20 years. Attorney General Swanson is focused on doing her job for the people of Minnesota."

In April, AFSCME Executive Director Eliot Seide, reacting to Swanson's rejection of the unionization drive, issued this colorful quote from outside of Swanson's State Capitol Office: "Four words disgust us today, and those four words are 'AFSCME endorsed Lori Swanson.' " Swanson accused Seide of trying to intimidate her.

Ray Waldron, president of the Minnesota AFL-CIO, asked all unions to withhold contributions from Swanson's political campaigns "until this dispute is resolved." Swanson's term runs through 2010, so there's plenty of time, but if labor stays mad at her, it could lead to a serious intraparty challenge that year.

The union organizers created an anonymous blog called AG Organizing Update, in October.

She sounds even worse than Mike Hatch - and that's saying something.

St Paul Pioneer Press Comments on Judy Lindsay


Ms. Lindsay is an intolerant gay basher who holds such neanderthalic and narrow-minded views she cannot form an original idea on her own and is instead spoon-fed policy and bites from the "Christian" Right. We have 3 children in the ISD 196 School District, where she left office as opposed to answering for her behavior. This woman's sole purpose in life is to diminish social rights changes that our parents and grandparents work hard to legislate. The only thing I can agree with her on is to limit the size of government and decrease taxes. However, because of her social justice views (she wants to go back to 1919!) and actions depicting her intolerance with those who are different from her, there is NO WAY I will vote for her, and she is generally unelectable, as is the other person on the Republican side, Debbie Kaczmerik. She is intellectually dishonest and quite a hot head herself. Ms. Kaszmerik wrote several letters over the years to various papers which include calling citizens names (not elected officials, just ordinary private citizens who expressed a differing opinion). She also supported the causes of a guy, Kurt Hansen, who is on the DFL side of this election. So she just can't be trusted in my opinion. If she is supporting a tax and spend DFLer on one side and calling herself a Republican on the other, guess what? It seems likely that she is not telling the truth at all, but hedging a bet that one of them will get elected since Ms. Lindsay is so far out of touch with reality. We already have enough liars in politics, we don't need another one. As far as Ozment, I can't disagree that he never met a spending bill he didn't like. I have kids and I intended to spend money on them and not on government bureaucracy and needless programs.

If Judy Lindsay wins, she will be a source of more entertainment in the legislature. She will also be an embarrassment to the Republican party.