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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Norm Coleman's Speech to the 6th District Convention

Convention organizers refused to allow St Cloud Times Reporter Larry Schumacher to video tape the proceedings. Undaunted, Schumacher is live blogging the convention. Here is his coverage of Norm Coleman's speech. Schumacher should be commend for his shoe leather coverage of the 6th District race.

I wish there were more reporters of the caliber of Larry Schumacher.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Obama Refuses Interview Request by Philadephia Gay Paper

To her credit, Hillary accepted:

Clinton talks; Obama balks

The Democratic race for president has been heating up for months. And where once eight contenders graced the national stage, only two have made it to Pennsylvania’s primary: Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In these months, an alliance of LGBT papers sought to speak with the top three contenders — Clinton, Obama and former Sen. John Edwards — to no avail. Now, with the delegate spread hovering around 150, smaller constituencies, including the LGBT community and their superdelegates, are playing a larger role.

PGN invited both Clinton and Obama, as well as presumptive Republican candidate John McCain, to speak with us. Only Clinton granted an interview. (Source Philadephia Gay News)

What is Barack Obama afraid of?

UPDATE: Apparently the editor of Philadelphia Gay News is a Hillary Clinton supporter. He gave Clinton $1000.00 in 2007. He did not disclose this in his article and editorial.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Two Drew Emmers Part 3

Blue Man has been doing an excellent job covering Drew Emmer and the threatening post on Look True North. Blue Man's latest post opines:

This action alert at True North was authored by "Drew Emmer" and is hauntingly similar to the posting over at Minnesota Majority. The post by "Drew Emmer" at True North posted Bremer's home address, email, and work and home phone numbers.

The True North version of this is now gone, but archived forever. The screenshot about indicated the action alert in Jeff Davis' posts was created by "Drew Emmer".

Emmer denies that he is the "Drew Emmer" that posted that.

So there are two Drew Emmer's lurking about Minnesota Majority and True North? April Fools was 2 days ago.

If Emmer is telling the truth, who over at True North and Minnesota Majority has access to user names and passwords?

For a group of individuals that complain about the "Soros bloggers" it would appear that someone else may be producing the content for them.

As I said yesterday, this presents a real problem for the credibility of Look True North, and any blogger who appears on their sidebar or contributes on the blog. For example, Scott Johnson from Powerline posted recently about the Forest Lake situation (he was annoyed). Would Johnson post under other aliases at Look True North, so he could avoid taking responsibility for things he writes?

And yes, for those wondering, one of the Drew Emmer twins is this Drew Emmer.

Drew Emmer never responded to my email request for an interview.


Andy Applikowski Thinking of Running for National Delegate

And the "party types" aren't happy according to Triple A.

Meanwhile Triple A gets quoted in a Hometown Source article about the upcoming 6th District Republican convention.

Interview with Phil Sterner - Judy Lindsay's Opponent

I talked with Phil Sterner last week, who is the DFL endorsed candidate running against anti-gay extremist Judy Lindsay. He has lived in the area (Apple Valley/Rosemont) for 40 years, and owns an independent insurance agency. He is also a member of the local chamber of commerce. The issues he is interested in are education and transportation, and when he talks about transportation, he includes transit. He currently holds a position on the Rosemont City Council.

I asked him whether he supported a bill to allow municipalities to offer domestic partner benefits. I had to ask him several times before I could get an answer. He said he would vote in favor of such a bill, because he believed municipalities should decide on the benefits they offer.

MN Publius has been critical of Judy Lindsay's extremism, but they are avoiding the fact that she targets gays like the plague. That's so typical of the standard partisan DFL line.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Drew Emmer Denies Authorship of Look True North Threatening Post 2

Minnesota Monitor comment:

Thanks for asking me directly about this before all the hubbub. Unfortunately, I did not write the post Blue Man submitted, and you refer to in your gracious diatribe.

If you had checked the original post at MNMajority you would know that. Perhaps there was some technical issue with account settings with The True North post showing me as the author. I asked. They corrected it and apologized.

If Karl Bremer is to be considered a private citizen then so should I, right? Do you agree?

Anytime you have a question just drop me a note. You know where to find me.

Thanks for thinking of me.

All best, Drew
by: Drew Emmer @ Wed Apr 02, 2008 at 4:52:17 PM
[ Reply ]

Minnesota Monitor misidentified Drew Emmer as "the guy who last week took the unusual step of setting up an online letter-generator to condemn the actions of a private citizen engaged in political speech." This wasn't Drew Emmer, this was Jeff Davis from Minnesota Majority. Though Drew Emmer is or was the Communications Director for MN Majority.

Drew Emmer posted a copy of the MN Majority alert to Look True North - along with Karl Bremer's home address, and work and home phone numbers - and that's what the infamous cached screen grab is. Later on Look True North, Jeff Davis posted a story about the Forest Lake School situation, and posted links to letter generators to the high school principal and to Karl Bremer.

So Drew, are you denying posting the item to Look True North that was pulled?

I have contacted Drew Emmer to request an interview on these matters.


Drew Emmer Denies Authorship of Look True North Post Threatening Karl Bremer

You can read the previous episodes of this soap opera on Dump Bachmann here. I am following up on this story on Lloydletta's Nooz because it no longer involves Michele Bachmann.

Drew Emmer posted on Look True North (linked is a jpg of the google cache):

Vets for Freedom - Tell Protest Organizer What You Think
Written by Drew Emmer
Thursday, 27 March 2008 12:30

Karl Bremer of Stillwater was one of the individuals probably most responsible for helping to organize the protest threat that resulted in the cancellation of the VETS FPR FREEDOM event at the Forest Lake High School. (See Mr. Bremmer's [sic] post at Democrats Underground). Mr Bremmer has been a long-time left-wing activist in the Stillwater area. You can use the form below to send a message to Mr Bremer letting him know your thoughts about his actions. You can also contact him using the information below:

Karl Bremer
[address redacted]
Stillwater, MN 55082
[home and work phone numbers redacted]

Take Action by Clicking here.

This post also included a photo of Karl Bremer. The photo is owned by Bremer, and Emmer was not given permission to use the photo. The post was pulled from Look True North, and Jeff Davis posted an alert that linked people to the Minnesota Majority nastygram generator.

Hal Kimball posted about this story on Blue Man in a Red District. Drew Emmer is denying making the post to Look True North:

Drew Emmer said...

Dear Hal,

My frantic plea? Unfortunately you did not check your facts. I didn't post the piece you claim belongs to me. Your attack piece, while very well written, is therefore completely inaccurate.

How would you react if I made a false claim about you? Would you write a polite note to notify of the error? WHat would you do?

Please check your facts before you press publish.

Have a nice day,

Drew Emmer

If Drew Emmer didn't make the post to Look True North, who did? And what would be the motivation for another Look True North blogger to impersonate Drew Emmer? This raises the question whether there are other posts on Look True North that have been attributed to other Look True North contributors.

Drew comments on a later post to Kimball's blog:

Dear Hal,

I don't recall posting anything about Karl Bremer. In fact I believe I have left Karl Bremer alone since he posted his defamatory claim that I was arrested with Larry Craig at the airport.

Kindly point out where I made any claim about Karl Bremer or the Forest Lake High School Vets debacle. Otherwise, kindly correct your inaccuracy.

Thanks Hal,

Drew Emmer

Drew Emmer, take a look at the screen shot of the google cache. This shows the post was written by you.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Terri Bonoff and the Miscarriage Bill

Michael Brodkorb's got the story. After being asked by the Madia camp to explicitly say that the Madia camp had nothing to do with the story, Brodkorb complied.

PZ Myers Crashes Conference Call About Creationist Movie "Expelled"


Paul Zachary "PZ" Myers, a biologist and atheist blogger who is interviewed in the documentary, interrupted the conference call to rail about what he calls "the falsehoods propagated in the film."

Call participants, including Expelled writer Ben Stein and several producers of the film, groaned and taunted Myers before the moderator asked the prof to get off the line.

Expelled, which opens April 18, follows Stein as the former Nixon speech writer and television host looks into ongoing campus clashes between evolutionists and proponents of intelligent design.

Myers, who teaches biology at the University of Minnesota at Morris, maintains he was misled about the nature of the film before he was interviewed. Myers, who has blogged extensively about the film, elaborated on his frustrations in a follow-up e-mail after the conference call.

"The Expelled movie was made under false pretenses, and despite their claims that they did not distort my interviews or [evolutionary geneticist] Richard Dawkins' [who also appears in the film], I think that interleaving our comments with old video clips of Nazis and Hitler and Stalin is rather egregious," wrote Myers.

PZ tells the story here.

I always aim to misbehave

Category: Creationism
Posted on: March 28, 2008 5:45 PM, by PZ Myers

Some of you know that the producers of Expelled had a conference call this afternoon…a carefully controlled, closed environment in which they would spout their nonsense and only take questions by email. I listened to it for a while, and yeah, it was the usual run-around. However, I dialed in a few minutes early, and got to listen to a tiresome five minutes of Leslie and Paul chatting away, during which time they mentioned the secret code (DUNH DUNH DUNNNNH!) for the two way calls. I know. Sloppy, unprofessional, and stupid, but that's the way they work.

So … I redialed. (DUNH DUNH DUNNNNH!)