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Saturday, April 12, 2008

3rd District Convention Report

Joe Bodell, Michael Brodkorb and MN Publius live blogged the 3rd CD convention. This was a very interesting convention to watch. Madia underperformed expectations, and for a while it looked like the convention would end up with no endorsement. Jim Niland from AFSCME was organizing floor strategy for the Bonoff campaign - and Niland is legendary among the DFL for this ability. In the end after 9 ballots (results of 8 were announced), Terri Bonoff withdrew just before the 9th ballot, Ashwin Madia was endorsed by acclimation.

Ron Erhardt came to the convention and was recognised for his courage. After he was given a round of applause, the chair of Senate District 41 came up, and informed the convention there was an endorsed DFL candidate for 41A, and delegates were encouraged to support that candidate.

I got the opportunity to meet several bloggers I only knew virtually: Sean Broom from MN Publius, and Two Putt Timmy from MN Blue.

Mark Drake, Communications Director at the Republican Party of Minnesota told me he thought the DFL convention did very well with having food available for attendees.

Friday, April 11, 2008

DU Thread Tweaks at the Drama Queen

Check it out here. Some of Avidor's excellent work is featured.

This starts out with a photo of the Governor with Michael Brodkorb and King Banaian at Patriot Radio (the same station that hosts Michael "Turd World Nations" Savage.

Here are some of the comments:

King Banaian looks like he could pass for Michael Savage.

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

Various stages of neanderthal man . . .

It makes me so sad...

to think that right-wing EXTREMIST nuts get to cozy up to the governor. It wasn't all that long ago that even the John Birchers would have distanced themselves from the whackos broadcasting from "The Fascist." Now they're freaking mainstream. And apparently Pawlenty's key constituency, considering how he panders to them with every damn thing he does.

Actually of the NARNians, Michael Brodkorb and King Banaian don't present as wacked. This is totally unlike Mitch Berg's show.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Family Association (AFA) Goes Phishing

The American Family Association is going phishing. (When clicking on the link, add your email address at the end.) The AFA asks users to enter their email and password.

The message at the site says:

Thank you for your participation in AFA ActionAlert.

Are your Friends already Informed by AFA ActionAlert?

If you use one of the popular web-mail clients, we have an easy process for you to follow. Find out which of your contacts are AFA ActionAlert subscribers.

Wikipedia has a good entry on phishing. Cross posted at the St Cloud Times beta site.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Thug Radio

This time in Massachusettes. Hat Tip: Pam's House Blend.

Monday, April 07, 2008

More Thug Radio on KTLK

This time it's Chris Baker

Diane Gerth posted the following to the St Paul Issues Forum:

Diane Gerth
Apr 6

Given that most of the RNC protest activity is likely to be in St. Paul, one can't help but be disturbed by the following. We all want this to come off well, but let's not kid ourselves that the potential for harm comes from both sides of the aisle. Mitch has pooh-pooh'ed the idea that there are thugs on the right who are as willing to incite violence against the unwashed leftists, but the following exchange on KTLK during Chris Baker's show Friday should put an end to that talk. During this locally-produced show on Friday (audio link below), there were the expected swipes at the St. Paul Police Department, a call to "crack a few skulls" and "hand out axe handles," and the usual insults aimed at those who exercise their First Amendment rights. But then near the end is a call for Mr. Baker's special brand of action in controlling the demonstrators:

"So we've been talking about police protection during the upcoming convention when all those stinky protesters are coming. There seems to be a big debate over whether or not police officers will be able to wear helmets, carry shields, use pepper spray and tasers on this crowd. You know, I'll tell you what works on a crowd like this--a machine gun, that always works very well."

"Mow 'em down, baby!" excitedly adds Baker's co-host "Jordan".

DG again: Colleen Rowley wrote about this literal call to arms yesterday and ends her commentary about the radio show with these words: "Speaking for the coalition to march on the RNC, we who oppose the Iraq War are NOT fools, traitors, enemies or even stinky protesters. If all the pro-war radio talk show hosts want to keep denouncing us that way, that's fine. But please note: your mentor, Hermann Goering, advised to 'just denounce the pacifists'--he didn't say you had to machine gun them down."

Colleen Rowley's write up on this can be found here.

An audio of the exchange can be listened to here.

Colleen Rowley also has a post about this here.

Today's Lesson: Be Careful What You Wish For

All weekend, MN House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher was quoted in the media, expressing hope that the Guv was taking a careful look at the bonding bill.

The DFL had passed on the opportunity to send a bill that he'd possibly sign 'as is'... intead they ignored some of his favorite projects, and ran up a bill that was $100 million higher than T-Paw's target amount.

If they wanted the governor to do their dirty work and cut the bill, it got done.

And then some.

Once again, they're out-manuevered by a guy who has never won 50% of the statewide popular vote.

The end.