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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kudos to Keith Ellison

Obama is keeping muslims at arms length. Keith Ellison is calling him on it.

The Drama Queen Keeps the Green Screen Flap in the Nooz

The latest pearl clutching is here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

PZ Myers Asks What is Wrong with Science Journalists

It's a good question.

The Drama Queen is Getting the Vapors and Clutching the Pearls

This time its over a WaPo blogpost about whether the Norm Coleman campaign greenscreened Laurie Coleman into an ad. Norm Coleman's water carrier really pushes it on this one.

The tables have certainly been turned on Team Franken, who helped push this false attack on Senator Coleman and his family behind the scenes.

That's what the Coleman campaign would like people to believe. Actually this particular meme requires no catalysis from the Franken campaign. Bloggers such as MN Publius tend to be reliable DFL campaign parrots. Other lefty bloggers, such as Two Putt Tommy or Hal Kimball don't try to coordinate message. Right wing bloggers such as Mitch Berg have talked about Norm Coleman's "unconventional marriage" being common knowledge in St Paul. Is Mitch Berg an "Al Franken blogger"?

From the Archives: Norm Coleman's History of Phony Ads

Democratic Underground here.

When Norm Coleman was running for Senate in 2002, a mailer was sent out promoting his candidacy by touting his accomplishments as mayor of St. Paul. But the photo of St. Paul that was used in the mailer had been altered to make the skyline of the city appear to be billboard-free. It was as phony as Norm's recent tv commercial. So pay no attention to all this faux outrage coming from the GOP wingnuts objecting to suspicions that Norm is up to his old tricks again with a phony ad in 2008. Because he probably is.

Here's the article from the 8/22/02 Pioneer Press:


By Mary Divine

Has the Republican Party tried to make a silk purse out of Pig's Eye?

The latest campaign mailer from the Republican Party of Minnesota extols what U.S. Senate candidate Norm Coleman did for St. Paul when he was mayor. It touts the "remarkable renaissance" that took place in the city under his leadership. And it shows a beautiful photo of downtown's skyline.

But it's not really the whole skyline of the city originally known as Pig's Eye. Gone is the historic flashing neon-red "1" on top of the First National Bank building. Gone is the US Bank sign on top of its building, and the Radisson sign atop its hotel.

Coleman critics leaped at the opportunity to ridicule the candidate for the ad, which hit some Minnesotans' mailboxes Tuesday. But Republican Party spokesman Bill Walsh said the photo was "a piece of stock art" and was not altered by the Republican Party in any way.

"I have no great answer for you," he said. "It's just a piece of stock art, and it just went right through."

Leslie Kupchella, Coleman's spokesperson, said the Coleman campaign was not aware of the ad and had not seen it, so she had no comment.

The ad says it was paid for by the Republican Party and wasn't authorized by any candidate or committee.

Walsh couldn't say who produced the ad for the party, but Bill Hillsman, owner of Minneapolis-based North Woods Advertising, said it probably was produced out of state.
"It's odd that if they wanted people to read it as St. Paul and actually recognize it as St. Paul, why would you take out the landmarks?" said Hillsman, who produced ads for U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone and Gov. Jesse Ventura.

"When you do something for stock photography purposes and you're trying to sell it to as many as people as possible, then you would remove things that are local," he said. "I think it's a pretty big blunder on their part, if it was going to be used locally, to use the nationally sanitized version."

Commercial signs apparently don't fit in well when you're trying to promote your beautiful city for political purposes, said longtime Coleman critic John Mannillo, chairman of Scenic St. Paul, an environmental and anti-billboard advocacy group.

"It's another example of the hypocrisy of Norm Coleman," Mannillo said. "He has so totally sold the soul of St. Paul by putting names and allowing names on buildings in St. Paul far and wide ... and now he doesn't have the courage to allow what he has really created in St. Paul to be reflected in a picture."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kudos to Andrea Mitchell

Meet the Press:

MS. MITCHELL: Well, it's very actively engaged and engaging. Let's start with Georgia. Sam Nunn told me on MSNBC, impossible--"implausible, but not impossible" is his phrasing. Implausible, but not impossible that he would be the nominee. Pluses and minuses: foreign policy experience, the nuclear threat reduction. Minuses, he is an anathema to the gay and lesbian community because of "don't ask, don't tell." He's tried to moderate his position, but it was he and Colin Powell who shoved that down a young Bill Clinton's throat in 1993 as a new president. So there are large Democratic interest groups who would rebel at the convention if Sam Nunn were the nominee. But with Bob Barr in the race, insiders are saying, "Take a look at those numbers." With Bob Barr in the race, Sam Nunn could make the difference and could carry Georgia. So you have people who could individually bring states. Evan Bye, on the Democratic side, is plausible on economic issues, former governor, enough on national security issues because his membership on Armed Services and other, you know, experience, a red state, Indiana. Those are people that are being looked at pretty seriously.

The reason I'm saying Kudos, is she is mentioning that Nunn's position on DADT is a big minus for his choice as VP. It's the first time I've heard the pundits mentioning this. This is all over the place on gay websites, but hasn't been mentioned in the mainstream press.

Radical Russ over at Pam's House Blend is making a mountain out of a molehill with Andrea Mitchell's use of the term "shoved that down young Bill Clinton's throat."

Elwyn Tinklenberg's Campaign Taking Off

Since getting endorsed by the DFL a month and a half ago, the Tinklenberg campaign has taken off. The website has improved considerably. He's got a light the bulb fundraising appeal at the head of the site. Currently they are about 6.5 K along to their 25,000 online fundraising goal by June 30. They now have a blog and video channel which helps encourage people to come to the website regularly.

The most recent news is that Elwyn Tinklenberg was endorsed by the Independence Party. Chris Truscott reported on the convention.

Sunday, June 22, 2008
IP Heavy Hitters Help Tinklenberg Win Endorsement
Elwyn Tinklenberg, the DFL-backed candidate in the 6th Congressional District, sat patiently in the lobby for nearly four hours yesterday while Independence Party delegates handled official business at their endorsement convention.

The wait—which forced the former Minnesota Department of Transportation commissioner to miss two parades in Sherburne County—proved worth it, however, as Tinklenberg walked out of the Bloomington Civic Plaza with something that could help level the playing field in his Republican-leaning district: the support of Minnesota’s third official “major party.”

Go and read the whole article. I believe Chris Truscott has provided the only first hand report of this convention on the blogs. Bill Prendergast does some incisive analysis of what the IP endorsement of El Tinklenberg means on Dump Bachmann.