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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Al Franken on Gay Marriage at a Fundraiser


Franken first talked about gay marriage. He portrayed it as a basic issue of civil rights, invoking miscengenation, Barry Goldwater, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. His father had been a Republican until 1964, Franken said. Goldwater's vote against the civil rights act turned him into a Democrat. He became a Democrat "and kept moving left."

Forty years from now, according to Franken, we would be embarrassed to look back on the controversy over gay marriage as we are now looking back on the controversy over outlawing segregation. Franken lacks the discretion of a professional politician and used this issue in particular to launch an attack on Sen. Coleman's marriage. If he runs against Coleman, Franken said, he would ask him if he didn't want gay couples "to have what you have." He riffed on that theme while the crowd tittered.

This stuff is invisible on Al Franken's website.

SD 16 Republicans Endorse Mark Olson

AP via Strib.

St Cloud Times has a more detailed story:

Olson won the endorsement against Big Lake Republican activist Alison Krueger on the second ballot.

“My message was a message of experience, and a history of doing things in the House (of Representatives) that hit a roadblock in the Senate,” Olson said Friday. “There’s a need for strong voices in the Senate minority, and I think I can provide that.”

Olson, who was convicted last summer on domestic assault charges, was permanently expelled from the House Republican Caucus by fellow Republican lawmakers following the conviction.

He lost Republican endorsement this spring to be re-elected to his House District 16B seat. Former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, a friend of Krueger’s, won that endorsement.

Krueger’s name will be on a Sept. 9 primary.

Both candidates signed a pledge before the endorsement balloting, though Olson said it was to abide by the endorsement and Krueger called it a pledge not to actively campaign.

“The people who liked Mark showed up,” she said. “If people in the district don’t like what happened, that can still change at the primary.”

Olson said his reversal of fortune was due to having time to campaign for this endorsement. The endorsing convention for his House seat took place during the legislative session.

From the comments:

Mythinking wrote:

Unbelievable !!!!!! What is up with people ?? the party kicked him out
Why dont people want a person with some sense of what is right and wrong in a political positioin.

Maybe new canidates for office need to act out and be abusers and have temper tantrums and throw type writters at their workers to get an indorcment.

I will never u nderstand the thinking of some people I guess
8/9/2008 7:10:30 AM

GreenPen17 wrote:

Why won't you allow him to re-enter society?
He has re-entered society, CommonPerson. In fact, he never left it (being incarcerated). But IMHO, he is unfit for public office. I believe elected public officials should be held to the highest standards while in office. I care less about what they do as private citizens.

For the record, I'm a conservative -- an honest-to-goodness traditional conservative (fiscal responsibility, low taxes, limited role for federal government, states' rights ...). But I have no tolerance for bad behavior on the part of any elected official -- regardless of political affiliation.

I also have distaste for those who want to make careers of public office -- particularly at state and local levels -- and those so self-absorbed that they can't let go. It is a sad commentary when somone feels his/her only self worth is based on a perception of poltical "power."

8/9/2008 11:25:15 AM

It also appeared that Olson's opponent stopped by and commented:

Ladylibertas wrote:

I am compelled to respond. I DO NOT endorse Abuse of any kind. I have on many occassions assisted women in abusive relationships even taking them to shelters where they and their children are protected. I signed the "non compete" clause under duress because of an ill advised estabishment member. Too many assumed the outcome would be different. If you don't like the delegates choice then show up at the primary and change it. Krueger will be on the Primary ballot. Like the delegates, this time around, you have an opportunity to-let-your-voice-be-heard. The delegates promote freedom of thought and speech and say all views will be respected because they resent establishment telling them what to do. Jesse Helms said "compomise be damned." America allows you to vote, if you don't vote than you are compromising. Despite potentially twisted commentaries, I must state - you still have choice - that's not campaigning it's fact which can be yelled from the roof tops.
8/9/2008 12:51:12 PM

GreenPen17 wrote:

I signed the "non compete" clause under duress because of an ill advised estabishment member.
If you want to be a leader, you don't yield to "duress." You certainly listen to the advice of others, but ultimately you must make your own decision about what you believe to be in the best public interest.

Too many assumed the outcome would be different.

And we all know the old saying about "assume." It would seem that common sense would raise the possibility that -- with the small numbers who attend a party caucus or district convention -- it wouldn't take many for "the other side" to pack the results.

8/9/2008 1:09:18 PM

The Minnesota State Party is obligated to support the endorsed candidates. It will be interesting to see what they do about Olson.

Friday, August 08, 2008

John Hagee and the Latest Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Conference

CUFI will be coming to Minnesota next month.

Nikki Tinker's Race Baiting Campaign Backfires, Cohen Wins 79-19%

Here are the two ads that backfired:

Emily's List took down their press release announcing their endorsement of Nikki Tinker. The full text is still available on the Tinker for Congress website:

EMILY's List Endorses Nikki

WASHINGTON D.C. -- EMILY’s List, one of the nation’s largest political action committees and financial resources for women running for elected office, today announced its endorsement of Nikki Tinker for Tennessee’s ninth congressional district.

“Nikki Tinker has the passion and experience needed to get results in Washington D.C.,” said Ellen R. Malcolm, president of EMILY’s List.

“A remarkable young leader, Tinker is a strong advocate for women, families, and for those who are most in need of a voice. Her background in public service, work in the business-sector, and dedication to the residents of Memphis ensure that Nikki Tinker will bring a fresh perspective to Congress for Tennessee and for the country.”

Nikki Tinker’s leadership skills stood out at the University of Alabama where she was the first African American elected president of the law school’s student body. A respected attorney and community activist, Tinker has devoted her career to issues surrounding women and children. As a civil rights attorney she fought for equality in the workplace and worked with companies to develop sound employment policies and practices. Tinker has been a leader in her community, mentoring Memphis youth, delivering food to home-bound residents, and providing under-privileged youth with their first airplane ride at the Memphis airport through her role as general counsel and vice president of labor relations for Northwest Airlink/Pinnacle Airlines.

Tinker’s work as campaign manager for Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. gave her a first-hand knowledge of the ninth district and its business and community leaders. She came within six points of winning this district in 2006 and has continued to earn grassroots support from critical community leaders in Memphis and across the country. If elected, Tinker will be the first African American woman elected to Congress from Tennessee and the youngest African American woman currently serving in the House.

“I’m proud to receive this endorsement from EMILY’s List and to have the support of its members in Tennessee and across the country,” said Tinker. “From the moment I set foot in the halls of Congress, I will work on the issues most critical to Memphis and all of Tennessee -- encouraging new jobs in the district, strengthening our education system for our children, and working to ensure affordable health care and insurance is available for all residents. I learned the importance of public service by working my way through school, and it is a lesson that will continue to guide me as I serve this great district.”

With more than 100,000 members across the country, EMILY’s List is one of the largest political action committees in the nation. Since its founding in 1985, EMILY's List has raised over $240 million to elect 70 pro-choice Democratic women to the U.S. House, 13 to the U.S. Senate, and eight governors. Over the course of 23 years, EMILY’s List has helped elect hundreds of pro-choice Democratic women to federal office, state legislatures, state constitutional offices, and other key local offices.

Ellen is much more terse now:

Aug 6, 2008

Statement from Ellen Malcolm
The following statement was issued by Ellen R. Malcolm, president of EMILY's List, in response to recent ads run by the Nikki Tinker for Congress campaign.

"We were shocked to see the recent ads run by the Nikki Tinker for Congress campaign. We believe the ads are offensive and divisive. EMILY's List does not condone or support these types of attacks."

Pam Spaulding has a good post on this race here.

It took a while, but even Harold Ford Junior condemned Tinker's ads.

Whenever race, religion or gender is invoked in a political contest, it generally means the candidate has run out of legitimate arguments for why he/she should be elected. Communities and nations are always made weaker when political figures try to divide us for political advantage. It is my strong hope that lessons will be learned.

DeGrio Calls for Bold, New Energy Plan

David Joseph DeGrio, Independence Party candidate for state legislature in Northeast Minneapolis has developed a vision to provide for the future energy needs of all Minnesotans while eliminating much of the demand for coal-fire electrical production. DeGrio said, “home and business owners desire to equip their properties with energy saving technology, but are shackled by the upfront costs. The ruling parties no longer look for new ideas and common sense solutions to solve the energy needs of today and tomorrow.”

DeGrio, a chemist and college professor who has been active in politics for several years, proposes the “Enviromomic Growth Act.” Here is how the plan would work:

1) Homeowners, small businesses, and family farmers would be provided with access to capital costs of up to $15,000 to install geothermal heating/cooling, solar electric hot water, or other conservation technologies in their respective properties.

2) The fund would be self-sustaining. By relying on property tax assessments to recover the costs for each loan, residents would pay back the money they borrow over a period of ten years.

3) Redirecting spending away from failed energy policies and corporate subsidies would initially provide money for the fund. Other funding sources are also being explored.

4) Homeowners’ energy savings will offset the payments, making this a big financial win for everyone. Household and small business costs would be lowered and industries such as HVAC, electricians and carpenters would benefit greatly. Moreover, homes that are more conservative in energy consumption have more value in our new economy.

The ruling parties present the solutions of yesterday and depend upon the same old answers, either market forces or raising taxes. DeGrio pointed out that “the market is failing to move at a pace equal to the demand of society and has not brought about new, affordable means of producing energy. Furthermore, raising taxes on producers merely leads to the cost being passed on to consumers.” DeGrio is committed to solving the problems of the future, rather than dwelling upon the failures of the past.

Disclaimer: I am Lloydletta contributor David Joseph DeGrio and I am a candidate for State House in Northeast Minneapolis (District 59A). The proprietor of this blog, Eva Young, has agreed to let me post press releases and commentary on the blog. In no way does this imply that Ms. Young endorses my stances or my campaign. All published campaign statements will contain this disclaimer. Please visit in the coming weeks to learn about my proposals.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Quite Tacky of Al Franken

According to the Drama Queen, Al Franken was booted from an Obama fundraiser because he hadn't paid the price of admittance.

A commenter on Brodkorb's site says this story is nonsense:

DJZ Says:
August 7th, 2008 at 1:55 pm
I was there and Franken and was not booted from anywhere. I saw him and his whole family there. Great source Mikey, who’s your mouth? Cheesenuts?

Obama is going to win big. Franken will squeak it through. ChinNuts will bring out the same list of excuses he had in 2006 after the shellackings.

PlymouthDem Says:
August 7th, 2008 at 3:51 pm
Am I the only one who thinks it’s crazy that ZERO press would have reported on a senatorial candidate being roughed up and tossed from an event?

I call B.S. on Michael’s “sources.”

Reasonable point.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Michael Brodkorb Once Bounced Check to Minnesota Campaign Finance Board

The Raindog notes on DU:

Michael Brodkorb, the paid GOP operative who is quick to jump on the slightest bookeeping error by Al Franken, once bounced a check to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. Now what kind of lowlife political operative would bounce a check to the very board that's supposed to enforce campaign finance laws? Or is he just inept?

Brodkorb paid a $30 fine to the CFB for his transgression. From the CFB minutes of July 24, 1998:

Michael Brodkorb, payment of insufficient funds and service fee: $30

Sound the alarm!

Let the pearl clutching begin. Now isn't that just ducky?

Monday, August 04, 2008

DeGrio Calls for Passage of Equality Legislation

Disclaimer: I am Lloydletta contributor David Joseph DeGrio and I am a candidate for State House in Northeast Minneapolis (District 59A). The proprietor of this blog, Eva Young, has agreed to let me post press releases and commentary on the blog. In no way does this imply that Ms. Young endorses my stances or my campaign. All published campaign statements will contain this disclaimer. Please visit in the coming weeks to learn about my proposal for a new energy policy in Minnesota.

-For Immediate Release-

David DeGrio, Independence Party candidate for State House District 59A, stands up for equality under the law and calls for the passage of legislation allowing any two consenting adults to engage in civil marriage.

David Joseph DeGrio, Independence Party candidate for state legislature in Northeast Minneapolis, called both DFL and Republican legislators to task for failing to take serious action on issues surrounding civil marriage. “For too many years those of us in the GLBT community have stood by hoping and waiting for a bold leader to emerge who would take a firm stand on our behalf, and reach out to change the minds of legislators and our fellow Minnesotans,” DeGrio said. In response to a question regarding the marriage equality bill that was introduced at the end of the 2008 session, De Grio stated, “Token legislation and symbolism do not help the people who are afected by this legalized discrimination on a day-to-day basis. It is time for real leadership.”

Acknowledging that there is some opposition to legislating civil equality, DeGrio recognized that it will take a coalition of Independents, Democrats, and Republicans to pass legislation that will be supported by a majority of Minnesotans. DeGrio has spent considerable time examining and contemplating this issue from both a progressive and conservative viewpoint. “There are concerns that need to be addressed before politicians on the right will jump on board, but some can be brought over. As we affirm our equality and expand our liberty, we must also reaffirm that the separation of church and state will protect religious liberty as well.” DeGrio said he is best able to bring both the left and the right together to move forward on this legislation. “Today, I make the commitment to do whatever it takes to pass this legislation. If necessary, I will go town-to-town across Minnesota to change one mind at a time.”

When asked why his commitment is more trustworthy than the other candidates, DeGrio said “Two reasons. First, I have as much to gain or lose as any other GLBT citizen and am willing to shed blood, sweat and tears on our behalf. Second, I will stand up to those legislators who have backed down for fear of losing the next election.”