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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chris Kumpula's Account of the SD 16 Convention

He is not happy with the Senate Republican Caucus.

The folks who came to the SD16 Endorsing Convention were chosen by their neighbors to represent their neighbors’ desires and concerns at the convention. They came to decide on who would be the better candidate to run for the vacant seat in SD16- a choice between the inexperienced Alison Krueger and the experienced Mark Olson. After Krueger spoke to the convention in her allotted time and addressed question in a Q&A, many delegates saw little substance to back her sharp teeth. In contrast, Olson reminded delegates of his successful career as a conservative member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Heidi, his wife, was there on stage with him endorsing his run saying to “vote for Mark because he’s cute,” adding a hearty peck on the cheek. The empty remarks of Krueger paled in comparison to Olson’s fresh ideas. In the end, Mark Olson won the endorsement on the second ballot with a strong 2 to 1 victory. The people decided to give Olson a second chance to run as the most conservative, qualified candidate to take Betsy Wergin’s vacant seat.

Sharp teeth?

A commenter takes a shot at Norm Coleman:

To Norm...

"Consider hd16b a 'foreign' area that you don't know the language of; "conservativism". Please bud out of who we choose to be our elected MN Senator. Lest this foreign land decide warmed over democrats have no place representing us in the US Senate and actively work against your re-election.
Did you hear the boos at the State Convention when your nomination was 'foisted' upon us 'underlings'? Did you notice how the crowd suddenly 'thinned'? The number sitting rather then standing? Those were the real conservatives leaving the area as they are tired of you talking conservative and acting liberal! Many of them where from the HD16b caucaus and the displeasure with RINOs like you and the MNGOP is rising and the numbers are growing!

Have a nice day!

Drill HERE, Drill NOW - including your beloved ANWR!"


Alison Krueger's Pledge to Abide by the GOP Endorsement

Allison Krueger's Pledge

Click on the image to view a larger view. Hat Tip: What the Republic Can Do by Mark Olson supporter Chris Kumpula.

Why Did Norm Coleman Weigh In on Mark Olson?

This commenter nails it:

Coleman seems to be playing politics again
What does any of this have to do with Norm "The Accidental Senator" Coleman? This is not a federal issue, there were no federal crimes involved. So why is Sen. Huge Teeth sticking his nose in? Because he wants to score political points, especially with women voters. I can see him now, the light shining off his huge veneers, hairplugs standing tall: "I support the struggle against domestic violence. Recall, I led the charge against wife beater Mark Olson. My opponent is the exact opposite, choosing to write smut and joke about rape. Vote for me, I will protect your daughters from violence." What a joke. Stormin' Norman never misses a chance to score political points, even when it means tossing a duly-nominated fellow party member at the state level under the bus.

posted by johnnyonspot on Aug. 14, 08 at 11:34 PM |

Norm Coleman is also trying to change the subject from his extreme position on abortion. He not only believes abortion should be criminal and he also has opposed funding for family planning. He also opposes embryonic stem cell research. Coleman's position on social issues is well known to the Republican base. The Coleman campaign downplays this when campaigning to the general public.

Al Franken's Lit Pieces Being Left Out of Lit Drops in CD 6

Blue Man in a Red District:

Al host’s [sic] an event in St. Cloud for vets and only one person shows up. I guess sd15 and 14 really came through for him. It must be Barkley’s fault. Door knocks are being held all over the 6th for Tinklenberg and Al is left off the lit drops and voter id questions. Blame Barkley. Do you see a lot of house candidates tying themselves to Franken? Name one up here in the 6th. But of course you know all of this. It will be nice to have Dean to blame after this election.

During the 2006 race, many DFL volunteers quietly removed Hatch lit pieces from their lit drops.

A number of my liberal friends are very unenthusiastic about Al Franken. I have talked to a number of die hard democrats who plan to leave the Senate portion of the ballot blank.

More Mark Olson Drama

Jason Lewis jumped on the story during yesterday's show. From what I've been hearing, the State Republican Party is internally divided about how to address the issue. Mark Swanson, called into Jason Lewis's show, and said the state party was clearly on record in favor of local control of the endorsement process in the Mark Olson case.

Meanwhile Tom Scheck at MPR points out that David Senjem hasn't exactly been consistent on his position on the Mark Olson situation.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Norm Coleman and Senate Caucus Speak Out on Mark Olson

The Strib has the story. From the comments:

Throwing stones.... avoiding the real issue - unconservative pretend Republicans
It's not about his assault conviction. None of us is guiltless. At least he didn't lie and make excuses. He worked things out and moved on. That takes more courage than you critics have who throw stones. No the Big R republican mobsters don't want Mark because he embarrasses them. He actually holds to a limited government understanding that matches the republican platform. It doesn't match the slimy politics that Big R republicans have stooped to in order win votes by abandoning their core values. The fact that fake conservative "getting things done with your tax dollars" Norm Coleman is weighing in against Mark is actually an endorsement of his true conservative stands on issues. It really cooks my grits when fake Republicans crucify one of the few men in their party who has the courage to say, "I was wrong," and stand up for true, small r, republican ideals. This is why so many conservatives are holding their noses when any republican party establishment is mentioned. If this trend continues, there will be no room in the "big tent" for a true conservatives and these vote-sucking phonies will realize they have lost their base - a new party will emerge that actually cares about limiting government, reducing taxes and supporting freedom and personal responsibility.

posted by hdsteare on Aug. 14, 08 at 9:56 PM |

Let the people decide
Voters should be making this kind of decision in a democracy not Norm Coleman and his buddies. If the voters think Olson is unfit to serve he will not be elected. Local citizens in that district should not have to answer to Norm Coleman. This just another of a continuing patttern of abuse by the Republican elite trying to dictate from their lofty perch what is best for Minnesotans.

posted by joeeeeee on Aug. 14, 08 at 10:03 PM |

Butt out
Why can't the local citizens choose their own representation? Hey Norm, stay in Washington or you might find out what a democracy is.

posted by Mjaystone on Aug. 14, 08 at 10:03 PM

Meanwhile, Norm Coleman continues to get bad press about his non-traditional living arrangement. This time, it turns out, there have been questions about utility bills.

Avidor has been following the Mark Olson story on Dump Mark Olson.

Norm Coleman Piles on Mark Olson; Mark Olson Supporters Lash Back

Dave Mindeman at MNPACT suggests that Michael Brodkorb posted as he did on Mark Olson in order to keep the issue of Al Franken's writings alive as a campaign issue. On Michael Brodkorb's blog:

Chris Kumpula Says:
August 14th, 2008 at 2:08 am
I find this blog posting concerning Olson’s endorsement for the SD16 seat to be a bit odd, not to mention many of the absurd replies already posted here. Mark Olson won a hefty 2 to 1 victory at the August 7th convention. His endorsement was the decision of the delegates and alternates at that convention, and no one else’s. He enjoyed very strong and encouraging support.

These continued attacks on Olson’s family issues from so long ago are most unfortunate. I think most couples go through tough times where both partners need to work hard to fix things that aren’t working. Those who don’t work at it will likely get divorced. It is certainly bad enough when it happens to us privately, but to have it made so public and have both your names dragged by a liberal-biased media through the mud would be too terrible for me to imagine. Mark and Heidi Olson have survived a great challenge to their faith and to their marriage. They have worked hard to put things back together and reconcile themselves with each other and God. I find that admirable, especially when so many viciously encouraged a bitter divorce.
What’s more, his entire case has been grossly mischaracterized by the main-line liberal media and evidently continued by blogs such as yours. The law in these “domestic assault” cases seems very much to ensure bitter confrontation and divorce. Mark Olson was lied to and mistreated by a system which currently seeks to shred families to ribbons in court proceedings designed to do just that. As was noted, Olson was acquitted of charges to inflict death or even harm to a charge of “intent to cause fear.” My understanding is that it was intent to cause fear in double jeopardy (I’ll find out) which if challenged and brought to higher courts would no-doubt be thrown-out. Olson decided not to pursue such a course. I cannot speak as to his motivations, but the shear cost of clearing his name would have been great and the restoration of his marriage was at the top of the list of priorities.
I found it interesting how the State Party (specifically the House caucus folks) threw him under the bus way before a verdict was ever found. He was and has continued to be neglected by the party (perhaps that will now change since he is endorsed) when there was little reason to do so save that it looked bad. The lack of party support may have had more to do with Olson’s refusal to march lock-step with the party “high command.” I think they had had it with one of the most conservative and competent public servants in the entire state. One thing is for certain: he is in no way the “establishment candidate.” The GOP St Paul folks no doubt dreaded to hear that he won the endorsement. They don’t seem to be too terribly fond of conservatives you know.

Mark Olson has the support of all conservatives and citizens who want to see less corruption of the system and more focus on the issues. His family issues should have never been brought to court, and he should have been acquitted of all charges. He reconciled his marriage. He apologized humbly to his district, party, and citizens. He did all of this while being constantly painted in malice as an abusive wife beater. He is no such thing. Instead, he is a man of gentle humility, patience, and servanthood, dedicated to God and his family above all. There is no better representative a district could ask for, and a great many are thrilled that he will now be going to the senate to bat for them and the issues we all care about so much.
I am surprised so many are still hung-up on what should no longer be an issue. Mark Olson is ready to run, Heidi supports him 110%, and he is as qualified as possible to do the job. If you are concerned about having him punished for the distraction the issues created, I can assure you his situation has caused more than enough pain as is. The deceptive people working his case through the legal system, the state party, and the media are as much to blame for the distraction as Mark Olson himself. This man deserves a second chance, and the people of SD16 seem to be enthusiastic to give him that chance. What better candidate could we ask for to fill Betsy Wergin’s vacant seat in SD16?

Andrew Mathews Says:
August 14th, 2008 at 2:35 pm
In response to Drew Emmer:

I am one of those who helped put on the endorsing convention, and Drew Emmer is not correct with some of his claims. Sen. Wergin never asked to speak to the convention (I verified this with another BPOU leader), and I’m not even sure that she was a delegate. We did not single out Sen. Wergin and shun her. We did not decide that Mark Olson was a politically correct candidate and push him over everybody at the convention. Mark did not ask a single person to be a delegate on his behalf to “save his political hide”. In fact, Mark WAS a delegate, and he chose to yield his seat and not vote for himself at the convention.

The Kiffmeyers, the Wergins, and the Kruegers were all pushing to endorse Alison Krueger. Since she still lost by a 2-to-1 margin, it was clearly the will of the convention to have Mark Olson as our candidate.

If the Republicans would listen to the truth instead of being swayed by the media who was out to stomp all over Olson, they would know that most of his situation has been twisted out of context, and they would be willing to get behind him and help him get elected.

quintin reece Says:
August 14th, 2008 at 5:09 pm
I find it interesting that people like drew emmer post half truths knowingly , he was there, and should know better. I am actually glad toread who these camilians are. We in this district know our people better than those elites who think that we are a bunch of hicks who need them to tell us what we should do . No that’s the democrat party. They are unable to articulate what they believe because they don’t have a set of beliefs and have to be told (talking points) what to say at the right time. We have strong beliefs and are able to articulate not only what we believe but why. For example we believe that drilling for our own oil means we can put more oil into the supply side of the economy therefore bringing the price of gas down because of a basic principle of supply a d demand(which teachers won’t teach their students because they want to keep them stupid so they can be controlled), secondly If we drill here in the USA ( the best country in the world) we can be sure our supplies will not be blown up, thus providing a more secure supply. And 3rdly the oil supply is not running out! The other side gives the argument that regardless what you know about this issue all you need to know is that we (”ugly Americans”) need to get off using oil because it is bad for the enviroment and for people so we want the price to go up a lot so that people start changing their behaviour by riding bicycles, buses or light rail. So one philosophy says we need to go backwards to the stoneage ( china and India went from bicyles to cars and SUVs ) and the other philosophy (mine) believe in God, freemarkets, representative government and in the American people. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Democratic Platform Removes References to Gays

Check out the story on Americablog.

Ambinder and Rausch say that the platform is still pro-gay, but that the latest draft they've seen has removed the word "gay" from pretty much the entire document. Assuming no group of Americans is mentioned in the document, and that includes men, women, minorities of any kind, the elderly, or any one else for that matter, then I have less of a problem with a document that doesn't get into the detailed naming of each and every group. But, if other groups are mentioned, and we're not, then that would be an obvious problem because it would send the message that the party thinks we have cooties. Again, we don't know what the final document will say, but hopefully the party understands that if we get treated as separate but equal, there's going to be a little civil war at the convention.

This is so typical of Democrats. You can see this in how Democratic candidate websites have made their appeals to gay voters invisible.

Strib Oped on Olson Endorsement and its Effect on the Norm Coleman Campaign


Whatever their reasons, the GOP delegates of District 16 have put their state party — and particularly the Norm Coleman reelection campaign — in an awkward spot. How can Republicans fault DFL Senate candidate Al Franken for writing jokes they deem antifemale when they have put their official arms around a candidate convicted of assaulting his wife?

Hat Tip to Political Muse at Liberal in the Land of the Conservative.

Was this editorial the reason Michael Brodkorb decided to come out so strongly and publicly against Mark Olson?

Now the comment thread has taken a personal turn against Michael Brodkorb. Some commenters claim his election as national delegate wasn't legitimate. This is rather typical - rather than addressing the issues Brodkorb raises, the commenters, and Olson's defenders chose to attack Brodkorb personally.

Michael Brodkorb Calls on Senate Republican Caucus to Support Mark Olson's Opponent

As reported here earlier, Mark Olson got Republican endorsement for Senate. Now Michael Brodkorb is commenting on the matter.

Last Thursday evening, Representative Mark Olson was endorsed by the Republican Party to run for the Minnesota Senate in SD 16. The state senator in SD 16, Senator Betsy Wergin, was appointed by Governor Pawlenty to the to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission in July. Representative Olson, who currently represents HD 16B in the Minnesota House of Representatives, was not endorsed for re-election because he was convicted of domestic assault in 2007. Former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer was endorsed on the second ballot over Representative Olson.

When I heard that Representative Olson had been endorsed, I was sick to my stomach. I immediately wished that I had published my personal concerns about Representative Olson last week. After he lost the Republican endorsement to Kiffmeyer, I thought Representative Olson would also lose the endorsement contest to his rival, Alison Krueger. After being convicted of domestic assault and admitting in a speech the he brought “dishonor and disrepute” to the Minnesota House of Representatives, I didn’t think Representative Olson would be endorsed by the Republican Party of Minnesota. I was wrong.

Sadly, Being Convicted of Domestic Abuse May Help Representative Olson’s Political Career

If Representative Olson had not been arrested, charged, tried and convicted of domestic assault, he would have likely been endorsed for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives. Due to his legal problems and if he wins in November, Representative Olson will be getting a job promotion. Due to his legal problems, instead of representing just HD 16B, Olson could represent both HD 16A and 16B in the Minnesota Senate. Due to his legal problems, instead of being one of 134 members of the House of Representatives, Olson could become one of 67 members of the Minnesota Senate.

It is a embarrassing and sad fact, but if Representative Olson wins in November, he will become a more influential member of the Minnesota Legislature because he was arrested, charged, tried and convicted of domestic assault.

Drew Emmer attended the convention and reported on the events in the comments:

Drew Emmer Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 8:40 am
I was at the endorsing convention. I had the privilege of nominating Alison. She’s a fine person with everything any conservative could want in a candidate. Her willingness to run on such short notice is typical of her servant attitude. She’s better off for the experience and will certainly stay engaged in the local grassroots political process.

The characterization that the Minnesota GOP endorsed Mark Olson is indeed what the left will gravitate toward. In reality SD16 endorsed Olson. More specifically, the folks in SD16 who bothered to show up for the special endorsing convention. Mark & Heidi deserve credit for winning at the endorsing game. A game they know well and executed deftly last Thursday. They rallied support from within their network of friends in and out of the district and they won.

Alison signed a pledge to not actively campaign against the endorsement. So did Mark. That’s a pretty significant commitment and definitely shows respect for the will of the delegates. I do not expect Alison to waffle on that pledge. Her integrity is far more precious to her than a senate seat. In the unlikely event that she passively wins the primary, since her name is indeed still on the ballot, well, then she has a whole new situation to deal with.

Your concerns about the ammunition provided the left because of this unusual development are credible. No doubt Mark will be attacked. The shrapnel will possibly impact the House candidates. I guess if there’s going to be a food fight there aren’t better equipped candidates than Sondra Erickson and Mary Kiffmeyer to weather the storm.

Mark Olson unfortunately did not qualify for public subsidy. In the rush to assemble delegates for the endorsing convention, he failed to raise the minimum required to activate the share of public money. That’s $15-20K he will not have in his coffers to wage battle against Democrat Lisa Fobbe.

My personal regret about the endorsing convention is not so much the outcome as the way it was conducted. Senator Betsy Wergin served SD16 honorably. She was not allowed to address the convention. She was not even allowed to be seated as a delegate even though she was a delegate! Her family and friends were not allowed to attend as guests. That’s just bush-league. Betsy deserves an apology and local leaders need to raise the bar of behavior in their ranks.

The opportunities we have to engage new people in the political process are easily wasted when well-intentioned people in positions of real or perceived power act like kindergartners fighting over paste. We all deserve better in our quest to elect effective conservatives.

Another added:

I.R. Informed Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 10:38 am
Thanks for sharing your insights Drew.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer some questions for me since I was unable to attend the endorsing convention.
It is a shame that Senator Wergin was unable to address the convention. What was the rationale for that?

Other than Mark’s wife, who also nominated him before he gave his speech?

What was the final vote count and how many ballots did it take for Olson to get the 60% needed?

Why was Krueger unable to gain any footing or momentum during the convetion?

Thanks in advance for helping me answer these questions!

Steph Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 10:50 am
Drew is a thoughtful commentator on this site and others. Let me start with that.

The endorsement pledge is significant and important, no question about that.

This is an extreme and unique circumstance, and I hope Krueger runs with the full support of Senate Republicans and others.

Many of the comments on this site ring true with a theme we cannot turn a blind eye towards. The GOP has been the party of values (Foley was thrown out, Republicans have roundly criticized others who have abused power consistently).

We cannot back Olson in this race.

Many believe we’ve lost our brand on spending. We cannot lose our brand on values. Not when the left is giving us Jeremiah Wright and Al Franken.

Capitol Insider Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 10:56 am
Drew, could you elaborate on the issue of the BPOU not allowing the outgoing Senator to speak?

I’ve heard rumblings about that around here, but nothing definitive.

If Olson supporters simply didn’t allow legitimate delegates to vote, that is very problematic (still not as problematic as the domestic assault).

Drew Emmer Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 11:37 am
Senator Wergin was not seated as a delegate. It is my understanding that she was elected a delegate at her precinct caucus. And she has been seated as a delegate at all other conventions. I’ve never heard of a delegate showing up and not being seated. I do not know why she was not seated. Perhaps someone running the show will clarify that.

There was a motion to change the rules to preclude anyone not a delegate/alternate or resident of the district or candidate family member from delivering an endorsement speech. The gal that read the motion said they wanted to “prevent party elites and politicians from unduly influencing the outcome”. It was so cool to almost be banned from this convention as I am none of the above. Unfortunately the motion failed after Mark Swanson spoke up and straightened the joint out. Would have been an honor to be banned but it just wasn’t my day I guess.

The rationale behind barring Betsy Wergin’s family and friends from attending as guests so as to see/hear her farewell address is a mystery to me. They were turned away at the door. Every “VIP” in the room was allowed to speak except Betsy.

The first ballot took about 1/2 hour to count. The second ballot was counted within 10 minutes as we were up against a mandatory 9:30pm adjournment. In fact, there was a motion to adjourn before the vote tally was rushed to the podium. But the chair decided not to recognize the motion to adjourn even though he reiterated it over the sound system. And the vote totals weren’t close to the total from the first ballot. I guess there may have been folks who left. But it didn’t look like anyone left.

Rep. Tom Hackbarth nominated Mark Olson his friend and colleague of many years. It was seconded by another guy (bearded)I couldn’t hear at all. Heidi concluded the nomination speeches by exhorting everyone to vote for Mark because he is cute. It was really charming. It’s all on tape somewhere. There were 2-3 cameras rolling. Phil Krinkie was also on stage in support. You have to give Mark credit. He rallied his people and they showed up.

But the way they treated Betsy was awful.

Skydancer Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 11:45 am
I agree, if the comments published here are as claimed (I wasn’t there so I’m only going by heresay on this blog), the way they treated Betsy was awful.

I had the great opportunity to help her get reelected to the Senate in 2006. She is a great person and hard worker, someone who should have had the respect of all present.

On the other hand, I’m happy that Olson got the endorsement.

Leroy Jenkins Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 12:02 pm

So I assume if you believe in redemption, you also believe Al Franken’s jokes and business issues are now also off limits, since the issues are in the past, and he has apologized?

Drew Emmer Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 12:07 pm
If a person has a right to stand against someone’s endorsement for voting to override the Governor’s veto, don’t they have a right to oppose an endorsement for whatever reason they want?

SD16 chose Mark Olson without regard for his recent legal history. That was their choice.

Frankly, I’m surprised at the number of people calling for an outright mutiny over this issue. What’s the big difference between 20 or 21 republican senators? Is this really a hill to die on? As a micro-minority the senate republican ability to get anything done is largely contingent on the House’s ability to enforce the Governor’s veto.

As Wheelock Whitney said years ago “Victory Goes To Thise Who Show Up”

shozzy Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 12:31 pm
Excellent post Michael-
Drew- I was just about to say the same thing- The party belongs to those who show up.
If you don’t like your local leadership- it’s not all that difficult to organize and oust them. I’m curious- how much notice was provided to delegates regarding the endorsing convention?
I don’t know Allison- but she should definitely run.
Where is the shame Mr. Olson? Same question to all those who stood next to him to support him- where is your shame? Let me guess- he’s asked for God’s forgiveness so now everything is OK– whatever John Edwards.

Rusty Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 12:38 pm
I think a conversation should be had about why the heck the Governor appointed Betsy Wergin to the PUC.(I truely don’t believe her brother knew nothing about it like she stated in the paper) She has no qualifications for the job, Senator Murphy’s LTE around the state shows that confirmation from the DFL may be difficult. Then what do we have - we lose a good senator for what?Everyone knows the problems in SD16 so know one should be surprised about the Olson endorsement. Chalk up another senate seat loss on the Governor’s cronyism.

DJZ Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 12:45 pm
Skydancer, its not about if his people support him. He seemed to be pretty popular. This issue is, has he gotten the help he’s needed to maintain his temper without lashing out. It wasn’t just him wife, which would label him a domestic abuser but his staff as well. He’s just an abuser and at only 5′9″ and 180lbs, he’s heading for a serious awakening when he pulls that on someone with a shorter fuse than his.

You seem right in line with the win at all cost and any Republican is better than any Democrat mindset. You are willing to look at wife-beaters, wife-cheaters, child molesters, racists, sexists, and xenophobes if they are Republicans. Not only that, but you’re willing to justify their misdeeds with the ever-so tired “Democrats…”

Do you have any decency? No- of course not. You do know that this is a country of taxation. You want services, you pay taxes. So no one steals from anyone, unless you count 66% of American Corporations that pay 0 in taxes or 68% of Foreign Corporations that operate here that pay 0 in federal taxes. Naw, you’re OK with that. Its those damn poor Americans with help from the Democrats that’s stealing from us.

Girl, you are an idiot.

Republicans run on family values (while electing cheaters and abusers), Christian faith (while acting in the most unchristian ways), fiscal responsibility (while running up the biggest debt in history, and deficit known to man) and Americana (while showing great disdain toward fellow Americans).

So you and Drew can hold your heads up. Guys like you, have produced and presented guys Like Mark Olson to us, over and over again.

flyi Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 2:51 pm
Good work Michael. Word is that a group of Republican legislators will be holding a press conference to announce they will endorse the Democrat candidate if Olson wins the primary.

I.R. Informed Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 4:47 pm
A source told me that Olson won quite convincingly at the endorsing convention (something like 97-40 on the second ballot). It perplexes me how he can get trounced when he ran for the endorsement of his old seat and then turn around a couple of months later and decisively beat Krueger (hand selected by Senator Wergin)for the Senate District Endorsement.

Not only did Olson convince 97 people to vote for him, he also has the backing of a few Minnesota House Reps (at least Hackbarth and Drazkowski).

So Swiftee, are all these people scumbags as well?

-Sidepoint- although I agree with Swiftee and Chestnut on an overwhelming amount of issues, I think they would be much better served if they did not use gutter language and call people disgusting names.

DJZ Says:
August 13th, 2008 at 5:24 pm
Oh, Drazkowski supports the wife-beating Olson. Now there’s an endorsement with credibility on the issue.

You make this too easy. Olson will drag at least one more seat down with his. It won’t matter in the Senate but, in the House, that’s one of five to the super majority needed to really put things back in order.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Focus on the Family Action Calls for People to Pray for Rain

More at the Colorado Springs Gazette.

From comments:

colojason wrote:
My gosh, I can't belive that Focus on (Your) Family is actually trying to pretend like they didn't mean this to be taken seriously. Of course they're praying for rain.

The thing they'll never understand is that even if we did have that kind of rain... we'd still have 70,000 people in Invesco ready to support Obama. America can't afford another 8 years of what we've got now and we're going to do what it takes to bring change to this nation.
8/11/2008 8:21:42 PM
Recommend(14) Report Abuse

wofats wrote:
Like bridget mentioned, the article only mentions a dozen or so of Focus' own ilk that complained. And kudos to them. It wasn't Obama supporters. (Unless those Focus folk happened to be progressives. Which would amaze me. We could dub them the "FotF Enlightened Dozen".)

For me, it's not so much that I like Obama that I'd protest this, it's more because I hate Focus and relish any chance to cast bile in their direction. (You've got me dead to rights there Truthforce.)

Seriously though... you know Rush, Hannity, and Bill O would be crying for heads to roll if MoveOn had an ad asking people to pray that McCain gets painfully chapped arse cheeks before he make his acceptance speech.

It goes both ways and everyone is going to whine when someone attacks the candidate they like.

I do think this ad is recockulous. But it's mildly amusing at the same time. I wouldn't ask that it be pulled. But I think they risk offending Yahweh asking HIM to get involved in something like this. Like praying to make sure your team wins the football game.
8/11/2008 9:16:30 PM

Monday, August 11, 2008

MFC Tom Prichard on Laurie (Mrs. Norm) Coleman's Lingerie Modeling

Laurie (Mrs. Norm) Coleman's lingerie modeling:
"It's disappointing. It sends the wrong message to young girls. She's in a position of influence, being married to a public figure. Whether one likes it or not, there's a degree of responsibility that goes with it." Tom Prichard, Aug. 2004.

Hat Tip: Minnesota Independent

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edwards Affair

I watched the interview with John Edwards on Nightline. He stated he would be willing to undergo a paternity test to prove he was not the father of Rielle Hunter's daughter. Now Hunter has said no to paternity tests. According to this news article, Republicans are unlikely to try to exploit the issue, since it opens up raising the issue of John McCain cheating on his first wife with Cindy McCain.

Asked on Fox News if Mr Edwards's televised confession was bad news for the Democrats, former presidential candidate George McGovern replied: "I don't think so at all. I think it's entirely up to Senator Edwards and his wife, and the rest of us should keep quiet."

Senator Obama, on a week-long holiday in Hawaii, praised Mr Edwards as "a great champion of working people".

But he and others said Mr Edwards, who was John Kerry's running mate in their failed White House campaign in 2004, was no longer likely to address the party convention in the wake of his admission.

"The Edwards family indicated they probably wouldn't be attending the convention," Senator Obama said.

"This is a difficult and painful time for them, and I think they need to work through that process of healing."

It was not clear if the Edwards affair would be used by Republicans to attack Senator Obama, who was given a ringing endorsement by Mr Edwards in May.

Perhaps mindful that Republican candidate John McCain had an affair with his wife while married to another woman in the late 1970s, Republicans remained silent on the issue yesterday.