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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MDE (Most Despicable Entertainer) Awards Over at DU


Since Michele Bachmann seems to be running away with every "biggest" or "worst" award being handed out at the end of the year, I thought we should start a Minnesota DU award for Most Despicable Entertainer (MDE--named after the most despicable Minnesota website). Taking a cue from Keith Olbermann's nickname for Rush Limbaugh, I've classified the asshats below as "entertainers" since they certainly can't be considered legitimate news or media people by any stretch of the imagination, and their surreality-based yapping can only be construed as some sort of primitive attempt at entertainment.

So without further adieu, here are the 2008 nominees. Their reputations speak for themselves and thus no explanation is needed for their nomination. Cast your vote--and your reasons why--in the comments. Happy New Year!

* MICHAEL BRODKORB, owner of the laughable Minnesota Democrats Exposed website.

* JASON LEWIS, Number One Thug at KTLK Thug Radio

* CHRIS BAKER, Number Two Thug at KTLK Thug Radio

* KATHERINE KERSTEN, soon-to-be-exiled house wingnut at the Star-Tribune

I wonder how Brodkorb feels about being classified in the same category as Chris Baker.

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Widget on Lloydletta's Nooz

I added the Astronomy picture of the day widget to Lloydletta's Nooz. I hope people will enjoy it. I was going to add the periodic table gadget, but that gadget doesn't work.

I hope people are having a good holiday season.