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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

DFLer Chuck Repke Gives One Norm Coleman Accomplishment

I don't know why Coleman didn't talk about this during the campaign. From the mn-politics list:

OK - I am a "lefty" and a life time DFL activist and I will give you one huge one that I will always be grateful for that a Democrat Senator would not have been able to pull off.
When the Republican's were in control of the Senate and George Bush was in a full scale attack on the cities, one of Bush's plans was to eliminate the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Program. For all of us that live inthe urban core CDBG monies is the main Federal assistance that goes intobuilding city streets, parks, libraries and infrastructure. The CDBG grants tothe cities are based solely on a communities population and poverty. Bush,(following the Rovian philosophy of no matter how red a state is the cities areblue so starve them), twice in his budget had the virtual elimination of CDBG(gut and move from HUD to Commerce). NORM COLEMAN LED THE GOP REVOLT IN THESENATE TO SAVE CDBG.
Coleman and Warner of Virginia were able to put together eleven "moderate"GOP Senators that refused to destroy the CDBG program. The National League ofCities invited Norm Coleman to speak that year and to thank him forprotecting CDBG.
Yes, it is true that if we Democrats had the majority this problem wouldn'thave occurred in the first place, but you have to respect a first term Senator bucking the President's proposal to cut government spending and being ableto put together eleven Senators to carry the issue. And, it was Norm that got Warner to come forward, and join the revolt. Norm was also smart enough totry to give credit to the much more senior Senator to make it easier forother GOP Senators to join the revolt. But, those of us who tracked it were well aware that Norm was the one who orchestrated the effort.
So, I have a million reasons that I would rather have a DFL Senator, but Iwill always respect the effort Norm took to protect CDBG and to protect thelife line for cities in Minnesota. For that Norm should always be remembered.
Chuck Repke